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An old favorite, the New-Age Bullshit Generator. To my horror but not my surprise, when I tested it on facebook a few years back, the bullshit sayings did get likes. Because this is exactly the stupid bs that people gobble up! I really have to smh at the stuff people will believe. []

daylily 8 Aug 16

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I shake my head at Facebook.

@daylily I'm hip!


I shake my head!


Truly inspiring. But for true inspiration, you need Inspirobot.


I would love, (No that is wrong, quite enjoy, sort of. ) seeing the actual text you used.

@daylily Yes that's why I put 'sort of'. LOL But having cognized you of that vectorial and in light of the high individualization, which harmoniously follows from the engagement of organic humour, and its dimensional interface with the many subframes of culture. It seemed a enjoyable route to full economization of a leisure vector and digital spiritualization, in the outer understandings of philosophical internalization to ask.
(Written without any digital help. )


I could almost hear some Enya playing in the background!



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