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I've been staying with my brother (a friend I've known since I was 15) and his husband to help them with expenses.

Tonight we had St Patrick's dinner, albeit a day late with some friends. We sit around the table and the subject of "grace" comes up. As in who's gonna say it. My brother knows I'm atheist so we do the whole "join hands" thing and my brother makes a comment in jest about his hand being burned from touching mine. He gave me the opportunity to say to our guests "I'm atheist". So they prayed and I just sat there, holding hands and staring at the corned beef. "In Jesus Name, Amen"

That was that. We ate, talked, laughed and my atheism wasn't even a thing... until later when our guest makes it a point to tell me he really believes his soul is saved because of what Jesus did on the cross. His wife is kicking him under the table and saying "He's atheist"

I chose not to engage, let it roll off like water on a duck's back. It frustrates me that it's even a thing. If you want to believe in a zombie middle eastern deity, go for it. You do you. Just let me be me.

ScienceBiker 8 Mar 18

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Very kind of you to help them out.


If folks ever want to hold hands with you while they pray, do it, but tickle their palm with your index finger.


You wisely chose not to die on that particular hill. It's tiresome when it's an issue, I have no doubt, although I personally have not significantly had that experience. The remnants of my family that are still staunchly fundamentalist are counter-innoculated with the unspoken code of midwestern reserve: "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything". Their conflict-averseness takes care of it for me.


Yeah. I'm always surprised when someone tries to convert me. They almost always assume that I am not smart enough to believe, and they are always shocked to find that I am actually intelligent. But that never stops some of them from trying.

It's none of my business what others believe. I just wish they'd feel the same way about me. Agreeing to disagree is often the only acceptable outcome.

@ScienceBiker Thank you. And, quite frankly, I don't believe it does.


Had a client serve me lunch on Friday. They (we) Prayed over the grilled cheese, holding hands. I even said "Amen" with them. The grilled cheese was excellent. Good conversation too. Not earth shattering, mostly about people we had in common. No hands were burned touching mine

twill Level 7 Mar 18, 2018

So, yeah, we know that guest is a Fool (I'm sorry but I think anyone fortunate enough to live with all the advantages of a fully modern society such as ours and still believes in the manipulation and propaganda of the Christian savior story is fool), but we also see that he is a Tool as well. I don't suffer fools gladly. If they are also gonna be a Tool about it, now that just pisses me off. Letting it roll off was probably the right thing to do. That being said, you were probably a bigger person about it than I would have been, I think.


Why are you celibrating a saints day if your not religious? you can't have it both ways.

Oh, do you never celebrate Christmas with family or friends? Halloween?

Just because we're Atheists, we're supposed to be party poopers?

no, i don't ever, not that its any of your concern. I have parties when I choose. if your somewhere celebrating religion, you just might hear stuff about religion. if you go in a bar/pub you might just see alcohol. you can't have it both ways. I have been to funerals etc but I don't kick off when they start talking about god etc. its called tact. I am no party pooper just because I don't conform.

That's an epic "dick pic"

it's me lol sandy. when we had had our fun we went and stood on the pear near this looking down on it. as we watched people were looking and giving it a wide birth for quite a while till some kids came and jumped all over it lol.

Why not celebrate? Any reason to celebrate is a good reason.

it can be @atheist as can wood, water and buildings and even sand to the people who believe such drivel.

its true but how you can have holes in water unless you freeze it is beyond me.

I sure think he can! We have a right to mythology and can fully participate in ritual just as much as anyone else. We can do that and still know the difference between fact and fiction. If there is a group who should be scolded for trying to have it both ways, it's the people who live in a fully modern, technologically and medically advanced society who continue to think magic is real and creationism is historical fact.

its possible @atheist lol. of course you can anytime @MrLink as that's the beauty of being a free thinker.

@atheist i don't disagree with that. But simutaneously we can't let the theists continue to act as though they own the holiday calendar. Christians stole most of their holidays from pagans. Secularists, scientists and people of reason and ethics are fully entitled to the family feasts, gatherings and dinner table celebrations. I won't concede that ground to the christians! And I don't care whose birthday they think it is. 🙂

I agree with you @MrLink. I like to be a bit spontaneous and do something really wacky like party when I feel like it or buy something for me or someone else when it seems a good time not interested in trying to keep up with any of these religious fucking idiots, especially with my own fairy tale. fuck tradition it stinks.

@MrLink I agree! I think it’s rude for people to tell anybody what they should or should not, or can or cannot celebrate at any time and in any place.

I also think its rude @BlueWave and have been to traditional things once in a while but mainly for family. I just think going to a party about Patrick and bitching about people talking about religion is as ridiculous as being tea total, going into a pub/bar and moaning that there serving alcohol. this was my gripe in the first place. I don't give a monkies what other people do as long as they don't hurt other things and people doing it.

@LeighShelton I didn't see the HOLIDAY as the reason for the lamenting. I think sciencebiker was lamenting the proselytizing. And, I don't blame him. But what is getting me more and more these days is people's combativeness with their "friends," their neighbors, their community members.

I think mainly because of social media @BlueWave there is no sense of community like when I was young. people also use the words friend, I love you, I hate them, so flippantly and they mean none of it. they are all busy telling anyone who will listen and people they would not normally tell there very personal information on the internet but ignoring real people who are neighbours.


Jesus was a lich, not a zombie. Know your mythical undead!


Thought he was a Buddhist monk?

@ScienceBiker, still much closer than a zombie.

@TaraMarshall is it?
I mean here we are thousands of years since Jesus existed (supposedly) and his followers are just as empty headed as ever... Almost as if something has been feasting on their brains...

@NeoXerops, yeah, but this is about Jesus himself, who is supposed to have come through his death cognitively intact...

@Fudomyoo, that's just speculation, and not supported by any real evidence the last I checked. My BA is in Anthropology and Religious Studies, though I must admit, I'm not up on my journals in those fields lately. I've had to educate myself in immunology so my doctors don't inadvertently kill me.


@RavenCT, a ghoul is an evil spirit that hangs around tombs to eat the dead, and sometimes the mourners who visit them.

@atheist, but no one is going to confuse Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White, and both are equally fantasy.


You were respectful of them and should have gotten the same treatment!

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