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Danish Prime Minister says the idea of selling Greenland to the United States is ridiculous.

sassygirl3869 9 Aug 18

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You know that, and I know that, but tRump has been sniffing glue or something again.


Just another trump distraction


No shit


Kudlow obviously has shit for brains just like his boss! Of course who knows what Boris Johnson may agree to sell to Trump after Brexit...wish we were governed by Denmark!

I have said for many years that the UK is being drawn ever closer to social compatibility with the USA. With the ultimate aim of us becoming the 51st state (or 51st-54th).
It began with Thatcher and Reagan and has continued ever since, Brexit, especially a no deal Brexit would be the final seal on the deal, when the British people are desperate enough to grasp the possibility like a drowning man clutching at a razor blade.

@LenHazell53 Sad but true...all the Brexit voters will be crying foul when they realise too late what they have voted for. Unfortunately it will be too late by then...and even saying to them “I told you so “ will not bring any comfort!


I think they would want to ask the Greenlanders....


That was the same thing said about Rhode Island and Louisiana.

They were not Danish territory. Why not offer to buy Newfoundland from Canada?

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