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Old but relevant

jniece 6 Aug 24

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Legitimate self-governance is still the aim. I’m sure there are more ways to get there than by spending one’s energies in violent fits of emotion.

It’s not the exciting end of the spectrum of solutions, but talent is needed in the conceptualizing, building, and implementing of replacement systems before we torch the old ones.

Resentment toward overlords, real or imagined, or doing physical battle with those more powerful than you, are likely to be exercises in futility.

Systems that work better, naturally supersede obsolete systems. I’d feel my abilities would be best used in helping to assemble that new paradigm.

If the capacity to commit manslaughter is what you’ve got to offer, well, maybe that’ll be what’s needed at some point, but I’ll be doing everything in my power meanwhile, to keep it from coming to that.

skado Level 8 Aug 24, 2019

I DO relate to the outrage. The middle class is manipulated by hatred so they will continue to keep making money for the top upper class. That is what it is all about. My hatred is for the handlers and messengers of this scheme.

can't help but sit in awe of their cleverness and dedication.


Reminded me of a Salvador Dali art that was transformed into a video pixulation, existential.


Don't necessarily agree that it cannot be accomplished by peaceful means. But DO relate to the outrage.

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