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Gotta love it!

tinkercreek 8 Aug 24

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It's almost as bad as socialism. If Bernie was ever elected we would all instantly be socialists. 🙂

Per your profile, you may find more freedom and life value by realizing the true definition of socialism, rather than conservative scare tactics. Just maybe.

@tinkercreek I have a lot of sarcasm and no problems if Bernie was elected. You need to see that Bernie as POTUS would not "instantly" make any of us anything. Trump Bump uses it as a scare tactic.

@DenoPenno Doh! You caught me, no excuses, posting before coffee. My apologies - Well done!


Be careful, that thing is very contagious! If one of them eats you, you become one of them!
Oh sorry! I thought you were talking about zombies, or vampires!


Oh wait, Mayor Pete is going to make all nursing moms into lesbians and they will eat their babies ...right geebush jeehobah ghostholes


That's the magic of religious brainwashing....just prEy away being gay and your eyes change your nose changes and your penis can't wait to breed like rabbits.....hormones change without a single pill....body memories and a joyful kiss just disappear and he is John Wayne bending over women slobbering all over their perfume faces


After President Buchanan we had a Civil War. First known gay President........ And, yes, I know that he being a shitty leader was not from him being gay. Although his lover died right before he was sworn in. He had no Veep, who died of tb, and was his lover.

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