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How do you determine who you follow here? I didn't follow anyone at all for quite a while. Then I started to follow a few guys who I saw, in one manner or another, to be a potential dating match. But because I am here as much for community as for dating, if not more, then it doesn't make much sense to only follow a potential dating partner, does it? There are features that I prefer with facebook and others I prefer with this site. The perfect site for me would be one that combined those preferable features. In any case, I suppose that who you follow here can be similar to who you "friend" while using facebook, with the exception of anonymity if you so choose. Since I've been enjoying exchanges and conversations with a variety of nice people here, I'm thinking I should just start following anyone whose posts and comments I like to see. I might add that I use no other social media platform other than this and facebook. (No twitter, instagram, etc.) So how did you decide who to follow?

daylily 8 Aug 26

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I follow people who I find interesting. I get notifications of posts by people I follow regardless of what groups I belong to. That takes me in new directions.


I only follow people I've meet IRL.

1of5 Level 8 Aug 26, 2019

I'm here for the community. So if I choose to follow someone, it's simply because I appreciate the posts and comments of that person.


Yeah works you can always unfollow

bobwjr Level 10 Aug 26, 2019

As a newbie, I did not know how to adjust my account setting. Taking the plunge, I followed an apparently like-minded man.

Immediately I was buried by emails each time he posted, yawned or farted. Then he spat an anti-Democrat slur. Yikes! Quickly unfollowed him.

So, I ruthlessly tightened my account settings and stopped email alerts. Now I don't follow anyone.


I'm host of Battling Obesity and follow all its members. In addition, I follow anyone who follows me, and anyone living nearby, and others that make interesting posts, comments and replies.

ATM I follow 469 people.

@daylily It's only got 142 members.


Does the person make me smile is my main criteria. Then would I like to have a real face to face conversation with them. Answer yes to at least one of those, then maybe I'll follow them.
If dating happens, then all well and good. Lets just say I'm not holding my breath for that. I fear it is extremely unlikely that I'll ever get a date here or anywhere else...

@daylily exactly, tomorrow is another day and this one isn't done yet.


if they seam cool and there female or really cool then i follow them and if there dicks they can fuck off

@daylily cute the wheat from my chaff lol xx


You follow when you appreciate/love/hate their comments ,or the way they express themselves. Very little to do with dating, if anything.


The more important question is, how do you decide who to block? I'm still debating internally over one or two whose entertainment value just barrrrely exceeds their annoyance quotient.

Trust me,you'll know! I know when phrase "bu-bye" just springs into my head


I like FB because it's easier to have a dialogue, if you so choose. This site comments are more like messages in bottles, a lot more random. Anyone is welcome to my FB page. Just sent a message for the link.

@daylily and I, you.


I just follow people who seem to have interesting points of view, and honestly, when someone follows me, I sometimes return that out of politeness if they seem interesting.


I had to look at my profile to see who I follow. I picked people who I thought might be interesting and/or challenging. There are 5 people and it turns out that I haven't had an exchange with any of them for a long time.

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