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I find it strange how much believers push the idea that their god loves people. If their god actually existed the way the Bible describes, this being would be vile and repulsive.

Believers believe that God is somehow "love" even though he created human beings KNOWING that they would "sin" from being tempted by a fruit that God planted in a garden, even though God does not tempt anyone (Genesis 22:1-2; James 1:13), causing 100 percent of them to suffer in some way on this planet and 90 percent of them to suffer for an ETERNITY in a lake of fire (Matthew 7:13-14; Revelation 21:8 ). Ten billion years and still suffering, 1000 trillion years and still burning, FOREVER and still suffering, all from a test that their God set up KNOWING already they would fail in the first place. Yet, they believe this “God” is perfect love and the very embodiment of love (1 John 4:7-8 ).

That Jesus was born a man, free of sin, from a corruptible sinful virgin girl who possessed the fallen nature of Adam and Eve, even though NO ONE who is a descendant of Adam and Eve is righteous and ALL have a fallen nature (Romans 1:3; Romans 3:10; Romans 3:23), and that Mary could not be redeemed apart from Jesus shedding his blood and dying for her (Hebrews 9:22; Hebrews 10:4), without which the sin-nature of fallen man would continue in Jesus, and yet he was somehow not a blemished sacrifice and was somehow the perfect sacrifice for sin, even though he would also possess the sinful nature of Adam and Eve through Mary. And that somehow his sacrificial body was not corruptible, even though he aged, and had to sleep, eat and poop.

And the fact that you cannot give and take away guilt and "sin" like it was some sort of bad debt. If you raped and murdered a small child, no amount of belief would change that fact. Even if billions of people stated that they would "take" your "sin" and be punished for the crime, it would never change the fact that is was you who committed it. We could all lie and continue to believe the lie that the innocent could be punished for your crime, but that would only make things worse since, according to the Bible, ”all liars" will burn in the lake of fire (Revelation 21:8 ).

That “invisible laws" are somehow proof of THEIR specific God. That we are ALL born with a knowledge of God but need them to preach or tell us about this God that we are supposed to have knowledge of already (Romans 10:14-15). That God has created ALL the proof needed to show himself even though they are not able to produce that proof and that God holds people accountable and "without excuse" because they won't accept this proof which they cannot see (Roman 1:20). That we are to simply believe their story without question because it is pride if we don't, and that if we were "spiritual" we would be able to KNOW and FEEL all of this was TRUE without the slightest piece of evidence.

It just proves they don't believe their Bible, they believe what they WANT it to say.

nogod4me 7 Aug 30

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A reading of Deuteronomy 1 is enough to appreciate, clearly, that the god of the Old Testament is not the creator of men, but the other way around; he is the creation of men, and of hideous men at that. Why? Because the god described in that text, and by the way, those are supposed to be the words of Moses himself, that god is a hideous being. He condones killing, he pits people agains people, he is unable to teach his own creation to share the world, but instead, he pushes them to forcefully take land from others. He is childish, changes his mind in an instant, punishes indiscriminately, plays favorites, is revengeful, paranoid, requires blind obedience, and does not care for the supplications of his beloved creation. All of which makes perfect sense if we understand that such god is the creation of a flawed, fearful, unsophisticated (to say the least) savage bronce age tribe.


Yep, Jesus wept, but he never farted, took a dump or pissed. We dare not mention that holy hard-on he got when Mary Magdeline was on her knees in front of him rubbing his holy feet. 😂

I don't know, and I could very well be wrong, but as the story goes, wasn't it Mary Magdalene that was near and dear to his heart?

@Maximai Polygamy. It's biblical after all.

Betcha he masturbated though. And wasn't he always riding an ass?

@Maximai And other parts.

@Maximai You are absolutely correct! Thanks


"Why are we in this world? Is there a presiding figure to make sense of all this, a god who in the end, despite making people suffer, wishes them well?"

~ Kurt Vonnegut

Does this darkness have a name?


The notion of "sin" is a convenient human wish fulfillment. If suffering comes from "sin", then people feel if they could only figure out how to stop sinning,, they could stop suffering. This notion gives people the illusion of control, which makes what happens seem less arbitrary. Also if good things in life are a sign of god's favor, that is a powerful pump to our ego if we are fortunate. The big guy is on your side in that case.

Also if Adam & Eve are the sole parents of the human race, then their children must have been involved in incest, because where would they find a spouse who wasn't a brother or sister. So the whole human race is founded on incest

Yes, the Bible not only condones incest, it a vital part of the myth.

Religion uses the "sin" word to not only control but also to subvert accountability. If I say, religion can forgive "sins", many would accept that idea, if I say, religion can forgive crimes, many, if not most, would reject that idea.

@nogod4me The notion some religions promote that they can forgive "sin" is a powerful inducement to recruitment. If religion can forgive "sin", that absolves their followers from responsibility for their actions. Their believers get a "Get out of jail free" card & are free to sin again


The xians only fondle their fetish bibles only Atheists read bibles as you just did.....zionists are following their scriptures all too well murdering Palestinians in shrinking apartheid ghettos better than NAZIs did...
Zero alleged gawds by any name are answering prEyers....too many genocidal racist AmeriKKKans support all the zionists in the Democrat "debates"....only 17 Congressmembers voted to support BOYCOTTS DIVESTMENT & SANCTIONS 398 and 99 Senators ensure the murder of Allah believers in Palestine with USA IN gawd WE TRUST tax dollars

My mother gave me the best advice about the Bible when I was young. I love to read and told my mom I was going to read the Bible, she said, "Be careful, many men have went insane reading that book."

@nogod4me great mom...... genocidal incest misogynistic anti-scientific Pro-violent abortion military rape rewarding in utero soldiers book 139th psalm 2nd Kings 8:12 rip open the bellies of pregnant women dash the little ones against the stones let not anyone live but keep the virgins for yourselves


They obviously haven't read much of the old testament. Particularly the parts condoning slavery, misogyny, genocide, xenophobia, and intolerance.

How about the ripping out of your eyes and the cutting off your hands thing in the New Testament. I have a problem with someone telling anyone that, especially, children.

@nogod4me "Happy is he who dashes your children against the rocks...."

One of my favorites.


In my church days I heard 2 common excuses for things that are unpleasant in the bible.

  1. That was in the old Testament.
  2. Jesus came and changed all of that.

It's what they want to believe and nowhere do you find this in the bible. Nowhere at all. If you look for it you will even find Jesus contradicting himself.

Of course, they skip the part where the NT says that you have to follow the OT.


Yes, just blatant hypocrisy.


He actually fits more in my idea of a satan.


I always wondered if god knows everything why did he go to the trouble of creating people he knew was going to go to hell. Does he like doing that? What’s the use?

Romans 9:11-22 talks about the potter/clay thing... Who are we, the clay, to talk back to the potter, can't he do what he wants with his clay?

"For the Scripture says about Pharaoh, "I have raised you up for this very purpose, to demonstrate my power through you and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth."

"If God wants to demonstrate his wrath and reveal his power, can't he be extremely patient with the objects of his wrath that are made for destruction?"

So here, the potter uses clay to: 1) make objects that he can raise up in power so he can strike them down to showoff, and 2) make objects as targets for his wrath, but withhold his wrath to show how patient he can be... Before he destroys them since they were made for destruction anyway.

Just offering one angle that always confused me...

@Rocketman88 he loves to show off! Poor Pharaoh didn’t have a chance!

@Rocketman88 In technical terms, I believe it's called Sick in the Head, insane, cruel, and being an Ass-wipe.

If there really is a god of any kind, fuck her/him. I want nothing to do with something either that impotent, or that insanely cruel. I'll pass.


It astounds me to hear Christians say how God is both merciful and vengeful in the same sentence.

and conveniently call him a jealous god too.


The disparity betweenthe OT and NT is bizarre at best.....

Even more bizarre is that Jesus (if he existed) believed the Old Testament and practiced its teachings.

@nogod4me I think a man named Jesus did exist during that time. I don't think he was a demi-god but I do think he was obviously an influential man. A leader or prophet for the oppressed if you will. Like Moses, Mohammed, and Buddha. Even the Jewish folks think Jesus did exist and that he did appear to do wondrous things but, according to their Talmud, he just did not quite meet their prophecized criteria of a messiah. Someone who would free them from Romes oppression. Beware of false prophets. Buddha wrote, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”. 😀

@Maximai There's an award winning book called: Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed At All by David Fitzgerald that you may like.

There are many, many, truths that have been hidden that will never come to light, ...ever.

@nogod4me Thanks, I'll check it out.

@Maximai David Fitzgerald has also written: Jesus: Mything in Action, Vol. 1 thru 3: The Complete Heretic's Guide to Western Religion.

I haven't read those yet.


As Daniel Dennett has said, it is belief in a belief in god. (My phrasing.)


I tire and worry about the number of criminals that have flocked to religion to buy their sins away. The victim is still raped, tortured, slandered, life ruined, whatever. The church rises in power with money supplied by criminals. And Christianity worships Martyrs, parents raise their kids to become martyrs (shooters) as do some extremist sects of Islam strapping on vests & blowing up a marketplace. There is no difference.

I've never understood the mentality that whatever I do to you is okay, because my god will forgive me. I know not all theists think that way, but I've met enough who do, and I avoid them.

@JimG I avoid too. It is seen by some as blindness, but it’s a choice, thankfully.

Blaming the innocent, the victim, is a foundational pillar of religions who believe in blood sacrifice. Believing that sin can be transferred to an innocent lamb, or person, has created a mindset that has been prevalent in society for a very long time. Women and children are raped and blamed for their own rape, they are sold and exploited like property. People of color and the poor are exploited and payed poverty wages, slave wages, to keep them in their place. It isn't strange that women and people of color are the most religious demographic, it was meant to be that way. While all the while there is an unreasonable reverence of an authority that is considered macho and dominating. And all the while convincing them that they will have a mansion or some ultimate excess in a heaven that hasn't been proven to exist. A perfect set-up for the few who would exploit others for their own benefit.

The Catholic Church has acquitted an HIV-infected priest who has admitted to raping close to 30 young girls between the ages of five and 10 years old.

‘Superstar’ Megachurch Founder Caught Molesting 4-Year-Old Girl

@nogod4me it’s truth. I cannot tolerate Cathloic Church any longer, the deal of do what you like & repent later is not the human condition, it’s the catholic condition. Agree. That priest, I swear.. those poor children. You’re right, it’s not news

@KittensandSage The fact that a person can do wrong to someone else, then go into a box and confess to a stranger the "sin" they committed against that person and get absolved from it, has created a "no accountability" mindset.

The Catholic Church has acquitted an HIV-infected priest who has admitted to raping close to 30 young girls between the ages of five and 10 years old.

‘Superstar’ Megachurch Founder Caught Molesting 4-Year-Old Girl

Uuuurrrggggghhhhh Noooooooooooo

@nogod4me The downtrodden are taught that THEIR reward will be in the next life, so they try to do whatever they think will assure them of the next life in their heaven.

@nogod4me And, THIS is insane. How many lives will this SOB turn out to have ruined, by the time the virus has run its course, if its course ever finishes running. Not to mention the more immediate trauma of the molestations.
Catholic Church...unreal, in several ways!!!!!!!!!!!!

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