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From my Facebook wall exactly 15 years ago today:

They've had a Campus Ministry table set up in at least two locations since the first day of classes, with people actively recruiting student members. Hardly sounds like God has been kicked out of public schools to me. I really wish people would get their facts straight and quit complaining about issues that don't exist so they can feel persecuted.

If an American Christian really wants to know persecution, go to the Middle East where owning a Bible in certain countries is a death sentence. Passing out Bibles on an American campus where nearly 90% of the population identify themselves with the Christian faith is hardly courageous (in fact, it's pretty popular for one to say they are taking a "stand for Jesus" by doing things like praying in public or handing out Bibles).

Sorry, but the Jesus I know would not be impressed, he would be too busy quietly helping out the poor, the sick, the disenfranchised, and assorted sinners and losers. He would be promoting love and grace by his everyday actions. I've always said if you have to tell people you're a Christian, you're doing it wrong.

Now, real courage is posting a comment like this, not praying in public for everyone in a mostly Christian society to see what a good Christian you are.

Piratefish 7 Sep 3

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Well said... and you were an early adopter of FB!

Yes, I originally stumbled upon Facebook doing Google searches after finding someone's class ring on a downtown sidewalk. I didn't find the ring's owner that way, but I did find several of my high school friends who I had lost touch with after they moved out of state.


Christians make ‘spreading the word,’ (it has always seem to me), to be more important than living as Jesus taught. It seems as if the Christians fear the ‘word’ will be lost if they don’t pass it as many people as possible. They may fear people not ‘being saved,’ and going to hell. That part must be in their DNA?


Yeah, well I saw "In God we Trust" on a public vehicle...a Sheriff's car. Some one oughta spray paint that out, lol. We need agonostic/atheist cops and politicians, seriously.


The Obstructionist republicans and most democrate politicaians are bought and sold by their wealthy and their corporations to inflict divide and conquer technics to disrupt racial and ethnic groups along with their family values and right to life groups, along with their organizations, and think tanks to convince us that they have our best interests!

The wealthy and their corporations are just waging cultural wars against us to divide us, control us, and to profit off our backs at any cost!!!

They use religion as the backbone of their conquests with this slow moving coup D'tat to remove any and all protectios, safeguards we have earned Despite their over whelming monetary and economic interferance in last 242 years!


While I like that you said you like a very specific thing that the bible attributes to 'Jesus', I will say that with reading all of the things that the bible attributes to him, he is harsh, arrogant, and angry.

Fair enough. We all tend to find whatever it is we are looking for. 🙂

The character, Jesus, was, for the most part, a great example of love, grace, and charity. And those are the things I wish his supposed followers would actually focus on.


I can remember people passing out tiny bibles on my college campus 25 years ago. The people who got the MOST angry were other Christians. I heard several people over those years grumble, "I already have a bible!"


You've had Facebook for 15 years? Did you attend Harvard or another Ivy League school when Facebook first started?

Nope. Facebook became available to the general public in early 2004 - although I would have sworn that I was using it even earlier than that.


The Jesus I know was a Puerto Rican guy who lived up the street from me when I was a kid -- Jesus Santiago. He didn't give a shit about praying or sinners or anything Xian that I recall.


Who is this Jesus person you talk of and where can I see him?

I had to read about him growing up. My dad was a Lutheran pastor who was very much focused on grace, so I had help in shaping my early impressions of his character.

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