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After listening to an old DVD with Joseph Campbell, it occurred to me that most worthwhile human creations occur primarily when certain conditions are met, Among the conditions are the following:
• The creator or developer is not focusing on himself or herself or on profit for himself or herself.
• The person senses a genuine human need which is worth pursuing to meet for a better human condition.
• The person has a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to analyze the nature of the problem or need, and to synthesize a product or program of action well designed to address the need.
• The person has a drive to do something of social and moral value.
• The person is willing to commit considerable thought, time, effort, and emotion to actually produce the program or product and to convince others of its value.

wordywalt 8 Sep 3

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This is all very well but all a bit nebulous. The most inventive period in Modern times is the Industrial Revolution which changed the world completely.

It was also built on the religious context of the Protestant work ethic which is why all the great inventors and inventions, along with philosophical and philanthropic ideas from the Victorian era are from Northern Europe.


I think we need a good definition of "worthwhile human creations" or quite a few representative examples.

Or we don't because you seem to have laid out the genesis of almost ALL human creation.


and you are sharing your opinion for what purpose?

Just because it was a thought I had which I believed worth sharing. No ulterior motives.

@wordywalt sharing is good, perhaps in future occasions some feedback and or comments could be requested

I have always shared thoughts expecting to get feedback and input which contributes to the constructive evolution of my thought and action.


With nature things happen with events eg evolution happens with jumps rather than a smooth gradual change. Climate change as well, the next 5 years will be the big shift (a jump in geological time). Earthquakes, eruptions, floods, fires.......all events which cause a "jump" change to ecosystems.
Humanity the same, we produce individuals who alter the norm from what has passed via their "genius", which means they think outside the societal box.


For all that his field of expertise was religion/ comparative mythology Joseph Cambell had great insights into the human condition that were not bound by Judeo christian belief. I always wondered if he wasn't secretly an agnostic. In any case, he was a most amazing speaker. One of the few that i actually remember hearing. And i was in high school then, so you know it was the dark ages.

In many of his writings or interviews it's hard to tell, but in my recent re-reading of some of his material I have discovered places where he makes it very clear that he felt gods were not to be taken literally.

"What do we learn? Well, we learn that over the entire inhabited world, in spite of many colorful and distracting variations of nomenclature and costumes, the episodes and personages of myth, legend, fairytale, and fable remain, and have remained throughout all time, essentially the same. Also we learn that these mysteriously constant personages and episodes are precisely those that have been upsetting or delighting us in our personal fantasies and dreams. Oedipus and Orestes, the Sun Bird and the Serpent are known not only to the scholar’s study but also to the lunatic asylum and the nightly pillow. Mythology, in other words, is not an outmoded quaintness of the past, but a living complex of archetypal, dynamic images, native to, and eloquent of, some constant, fundamental stratum of the human psyche. And that stratum is the source of the vital energies of our being. Out of it proceed all the fate-creating drives and fears of our lives. While our educated, modern waking-consciousness has been going forward on the wheels and wings of progress, this recalcitrant, dream-creating, wish-creating, under-consciousness has been holding to its primeval companions all the time, the demons and the gods.

Apparently, then, the archetypal figures of myth undercut the rational interests of our conscious life, and touch directly the vital centers of the unconscious. The artist who knew how to manipulate these archetypes would be able to conjure with the energies of the human soul. For the symbols are as potent as they ever were. The artist who really knew their secrets might still play the magician—the priest of the potent sign—working marvels purging the community of its pestilential devils and bringing purity and peace. Only, we should tend to explain his effects in psychological rather than theological terms: the heavens and hells being now reinterpreted as chambers of the unconscious. And we should revere him no less than he was revered in the days of yore, when his poems conjured thunderheads and his dances moved the spirits of the soil." (Joseph Campbell, The Ecstasy of Being. New World Library. 2017 pp 18-19,)

"For some reason which I have not yet found anywhere explained, the popular, unenlightened practice of prosaic reification of metaphoric imagery has been the fundamental method of the most influential exegetes of the whole Judeo-Christian-Islamic mythic complex. The idea of the virgin birth, for example, is argued as a historical fact, whereas in practically every mythology of the world instances have appeared of this elementary idea. American Indian mythologies abound in virgin births. Therefore, the intended reference of the archetypal image cannot possibly have been to a supposed occurrence in the Near East in the first century B.C. The elementary idea, likewise, of the Promised Land cannot originally have referred to a part of this earth to be conquered by military might, but to a place of spiritual peace in the heart, to be discovered by contemplation. Creation myths, furthermore, which, when read in their mystical sense might bring to mind the idea of a background beyond time out of which the whole temporal world with its colorful populations has been derived, when read, instead, historically, only justify as supernaturally endowed the moral order of some local culture.”

  • Joseph Campbell
    "The Inner Reaches Of Outer Space"

I would love to agree with you, but I can't because I know that many significant technological developments were not brought about by caring individuals, but rather by governments and their subsidiaries trying to solve specific problems presented war demands.

For example, many people will credit Steve Jobs with the development of the smart phone, but the reality is that basically every piece of technology in these incredible devices was adapted from military technology.
The camera was developed for spy satellites, the microchip was developed for cruise missiles, and the internet was for military communications
The military has a rule that they are never allowed to patent anything they develop specifically so it can be used in civilian markets later.


Wow, I need to read up.

As I'm reading your post I am mentally going (check, check, check).. I have been pushing hard for over four years now building a coop talent agency for business, marketing, creative, and technical professionals. Doing my best to build a thriving alternative environment to the exploitive, toxic, profit above all else environments destroying talent, lives, and families for the benefit of the few executives and board members at the top.

We provide deprogramming of talent with mentorship and business, marketing and self promotional guidance. Empowering folks to go out on their own as freelancers or work with a larger team to work on contract for permanent or time and materials consulting contracts. That or work together to get consulting contracts and assemble a team of talented heroes to get the job done.

So much of our lives is spent on working, what if not only were you empowered to do your best work. But, you also were given the credit and the proper compensation for what you contribute (instead of giving it all to the suits)?

There is a better way and slowly (with much sacrifice, hard work, and determination) I and my growing team will make the dream a reality.

Together We Are Mighty!


I am the owner/director of the company. Interested in learning more message me or reach out to my team at our URL.


That makes good sense. I enjoyed the Campbell lectures and tapes and books, seemingly years ago! I wish I had them back again.


48 Hours of Joseph Campbell Lectures Free Online: The Power of Myth & Storytelling


His PBS series with Bill Moyers is currently available on Netflix.

@mjb007bond I only have this phone hooked up to internet. I did forget about that though...thanks!


May we all be that person.

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