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Who is/are the real author/s of the Bible?

NR92 6 Sep 5

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I suspect tRump wrote it. It makes as much sense as he does


A bunch of bronze age sheep herders..


Why do you think they call it the ROMAN Catholic Church?!


Who cares? Not me.

I became an atheist at age 13, when I realized the Bible is just a book of stories written by men.

A quick Google search showed at least 40 authors of the Bible. Yawn

Oh, & if it were Women.... LOL


So very many,that's why it's not believable


There were waaay more books (the "Apocrypha" ) that were winnowed down to more-or-less what you see today by the Council of Trent, a group of old white guys, in Italy, from 1543-64. Relevant?
The Apocrypha are a blast to read! There are Giants that breed with humans, wild, strong,women, and just amazing stuff, like Marvel Comix gone crazy!


Not women. They were too busy ensuring that the human race would not die out.

@NoPlanetB I was thinking more of the act of feeding the men deep in their hallucinations about mountain tops and burning bushes.

Women wrote many books of the bible. They got canned as @AnneWimsey stated above.


We do not have a clue. Certainly it was not Mathew Mark Lukenjohn. With the concise history of everything written in such order, how did they pull off that 400 years of silence in between testaments? I bet that was hard to do. Then Saul of Tarsus caused lots of trouble when he wanted to take the story to the Romans and rulers told him he was nuts. Modern Christians claim he was killed along the Appian Way but I think the rulers hid and protected him. He lived in a little guarded house to protect him from all the then followers of Jesus. All this trouble and nobody living had ever really met Jesus. Just sayin.'


Does it matter? We know it wasn’t written by a divine hand, that is all we need to know.


I think that the Bible did not really have authors as such, since it is not a written book, but more of a scrap book of cuttings taken from a whole range of different sources, by different editors and gangs of editors over a long period, (at least 2000 years) moreover most of the pieces used had probably been rewritten several times by unknown scribes even before the editors collected them. Even most of the editors are unknown, and little is known of its early history, or the motives of the early editors beyond the obvious. While if the few later editors that we do know of, who mostly worked for the Catholic and Protestant churches, are anything to go by, then it is safe to assume that they all modified and trimmed the scripts to suit themselves, with an almost total lack of regard for the meanings of the earlier texts.

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