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Disgusting use of religion, AR-15s are only useful for killing humans.


MizJ 8 Sep 6

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Moonies and Neo-Moonies cult&gun cult .....USMC dress uniformed officers MIGHT marry with a sword sheathed ....PRINCE Charles wedded Lady Diana in the C of E cult thing for sure, the fucked up bible makes no mention of "steel" only iron is claimed by Moonie Son of Sung as the bible wedding fetish in PENNSYLVANIA scaring the fuck out of school kids down the street

Sikhs carry swords but it's a huge jump from a sword to an AR15

@MizJ I agree weapons at a wedding is anathema


That is what Eugene Stoner designed it to do. The smaller 5.56mm caliber was much smaller than the 7.62mm AK-47 so troops in Vietnam could carry more ammunition. The 5.56 is designed to get there fast and then start a tumbling effect once it enters the body, creating as much damage as the 7.62. Most places will not allow you to hunt with them but they are great for shooting targets, one of my passions. I have a range on my property.


This has to stop .

GEGR Level 7 Sep 7, 2019


@MizJ I always Do and Always Democratic .


"... and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks ..."
Isaiah 2:4

What do you do with an assault weapon?

@MizJ Coat hangers?!


Assholes blessing weapons


They’ve got two bases covered.
Probably don’t need to ask about their policies regarding non heterosexuals.


You can kill most things with an AR15 .... but not an idea .... and as the lady said 'tomorrow, it will be over' ... one way or another



Vote Republicans out of office!

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