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It looks like finally we are getting a decent sunny day here in the Midwest. Not as hot as I like it but I'll take it. If you see a half naked dude mulching his lawn then chances are that will be me. Happy Saturday everyone.

IamNobody 8 Sep 7

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Still new to the East… the last couple days have been magnificent! ...considering a one-time level-five hurricane has ripped it’s way up the coast ..around 300 miles from me.. It’s been motorcycle weather on the Blue Ridge! ..and I’ve nearly run out of places to go 😀

Varn Level 8 Sep 7, 2019

Ok fellow biker, keep the rubber down !!


We've had a lot of good weather here since the heat of summer.
The stretch between Labor Day and Halloween tends to give us the BEST most PERFECT weather on the planet for 2 months. So when people complain about the weather up north, they're just gonna have to wait until November!

twill Level 7 Sep 7, 2019

Here unfortunately we got a lot of clowdy or rainy days over the weekends (of course). Why do I track those things?...Motorcycle. You're right about this time of the year, it's nice before cold kicks in, usually by Halloween. Almost there and winter is coming....

@IamNobody I'm Opposite My weekends are more indoorsy, and I work outside during the week. lol
Where do you live? I'm near Valparaiso, an hour se of Chicago

@twill Ahhh Valparaiso... I am hundred some'n miles south... Indy

@IamNobody Definitely different weather patterns

@twill You are closer to the lake effect, I guess...

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