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Is it possible to have a partner that’s not Atheist

Gilbert08 3 Sep 7

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Of course, if both care for each other and if each respects the other's right to believe as he or she chooses. My wife and I are an example and we have been happily married for 24 years.


Well, sure it's possible...just not for everyone.

Wow I think I like that, not for everybody


Sure,if you both STFU about your beliefs.....



Diplomats can avoid the obvious condescension inherent with open Atheist identity and xian intimacy.....peace Quakers are by tradition silent to outsiders and rarely expound personal faith matters even in MEETING so that habit would serve well a mixed marriage.....every xian woman so far in my life could not uphold her bargain with me for truce between facts and faith. I will NOT marry a theocrat and only secular citizens can hold faith private out of politics


If it weren't, there'd only be/have been a very few select Atheists in America that weren't/aren't alone ... from the beginning thru the end.

True most Atheists are in mixed marriages


Yes 👍


Yes. This question gets asked frequently.


Of course!


Closet Atheists have been known to marry another closet Atheist and keep their Atheism secret from their spouses.....2 such couples lied to each other said they were taking separate vacations AND MET SURPRISINGLY @ American Atheist NATIONAL CONVENTIONs....I doubt that a single couple of closet xians exist on this planet

@GreenAtheist I doubt the latter, too. I don't think I could be in a relationship, period, but if I wanted one, I could partner with a liberal Xtian who does not take the Bible literally.

@Gwendolyn2018 A Green Pacifist xian who really loves me would be hard to refuse but every day liberals are true believers not interested in saving the planet or waging peace...I run them off or they block me

@GreenAtheist As I shared in another thread, some Xtians will contact me on dating sites just to tell me how evil I am--as if their opinion of me matters. I think the reason they contact me is because the like my picture, look at my profile, and then see I am an atheist. They are rejected! In turn, they have to take their feelings of rejection out on me. I find it amusing and pathetic.




happens all the time

skado Level 9 Sep 7, 2019
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