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Hmmmmmm.....this sounds accurate.

ArtemisDivine 7 Sep 8

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yeah and Democrats hate Jews too...did you hear the one about Catholics hating the Irish? Guess you'll believe anything...let me guess who you voted for. It was the republicans that started the unions right? Unions just for white people right? 🙂

lerlo Level 8 Sep 8, 2019

Kind of like the Democrats starting the KKK and being against blacks and women having a right to vote?

@ArtemisDivine and Democrats denying climate change, you got them all


Big difference between slaves and voluntary guest workers. All but the rabid racist Repubs support some sort of guest worker program.

They are not paid a fair wage. They are cheap labor and are being used because they will do just about anything for money. Slaves....your guest worker comment is amusing.

Republicans are all for guest worker programs. Why can't you people be honest about,, well,,, anything? All Republicans want is that they sign in at the border. This sneaking across is the problem. It really isn't that hard to understand... This is like the Dems calling the detention centers on our border Holocaust Camps... Do they understand people are walking thousands of miles and climbing over fences to get in to them? Not to mention they can get up and leave to go back home any time they want.. I assure you the Jews didn't have that option.. The lunacy of trying to make the comparison is truly mind boggling..


Cesar Chavez opposed illegal aliens scab strike breakers harming the United Farm Workers and the grape boycotts


I get it but surely the Republicans will need someone to pick their crops also. The problems of Trumpworld are more than fodder of political parties.I do understand that Trump is not a racist. He recently offered to trade Puerto Rico for Greenland. I suppose that means brown for white.

He never offered to trade Puerto Rico for Greenland. He offered to buy Greenland and was told it wasn’t for sale. You’ve been listening to too much left wing liberal bullshit propaganda!

@Trajan61 No, Trajan, I follow the tweets that came after his offer to buy Greenland because the Orange bastard can't let anything go. You wanna keep up on this just follow his tweets.

@Trajan61 He made a joke about it..Because he's not racist? Anyway they were down and started selling Caribbean Viking starter kits. 😀

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