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September 11

ADKSparky 8 Sep 11

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Unfortunately, religion showed what it is really about.


I was in NY on 9/11 (I walked under Tower 1 twenty minutes before it was hit; my desk in a building 1/4 mile away vibrated). I smelled the destruction and walked through fine dust to the ferry to return to NJ; the subway was out. So I get it.

Having said that,this was not due to religion. This is a reaction to Amerikan foreign policy, supporting corrupt regimes, denial of human rights, etc. Yes, religion was a factor, but not the root cause.

That is probably all true but would a suicide bomber blow himself up (Thet are invariably male) if they did not think they were going to be fast tracked to paradise

@LetzGetReal Was it hit by a plane? And if so, how'd they fly that sucker in there?

@Moravian They might or might not. Your question does not change my position.

@Mitch07102 I agree with you but what about the central American countries teated in a similar fashion. We do not get Roman Catholic suicide bombers

@LetzGetReal And the jet engines just kind of melted away or some bullshit like that?
It's hard for me to get behind this holiday except to show appreciation for the 1st Responders and rememberance of the civilian dead

@Moravian They don't have oil money. It takes a lot of bananas to finance an operation like that. Catholics don't die for their God, but they have enthusiastically killed for their God.

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