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Having more sex prevents heart attacks.


SaucyCheryl 8 Sep 12

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Welp, time to engage in some preventative medicine.

That's the spirit!


Maybe I can get my doctor to write me a prescription for sex. She already wrote me a prescription for viagra.

That should be a quid pro quo.

@SaucyCheryl how? Doctors prescribe treatment.

@BitFlipper Legalizing sex work would be a start.


I remember reading years ago that having sex burns up the same amount of calories as walking up 2 flights of steps. All I could think was that necrophilia must be involved. Pretty sure I burn up more calories than that!

I know I do. I think that number is for the run of the mill 5 minute sex.


To add to the healthy lifestyle regimen-

Semen is good for your complexion!


and has anti-aging benefits!



Very true.


I'm feeling faint... will YOU help me?

I don't think I can reach CO right now.

@SaucyCheryl you just did

@Seeker3CO Bless your heart.


Sounds like a plan!


Practice practice and practice so you can do it perfectly when an actual person comes along you can bear to be with

I don't know how you would practice without a partner.


Men, 40 to 70. Where's the study on women? Does that one say the opposite? What then?


It's a great cardio workout.😈😈😈


Depend where you are doing it, while sky diving for instance...might have the opposite effect

HMMMM. I think the chute might get in the way.


I have sex all the time. One of these days I hope to have someone else with me.


Music to my ears


I am having plenty of sex. If I could get someone to join me, it would be even better.


Errrrr... you are sayin' all those priests should be dying from heart attacks before age 40???? Errrrr... I am noticing all those Real Old Popes.... Errrr.... Never heard of a prostitute dying from a heart attack..Errrr




Ready, willing and able.

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