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Every vets wish is that he is the last to endure the unendurable so that his children won't have to

bobwjr 10 Sep 20

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If the armaments trade was closed down there would be less 'need' for wars ... the whole arms industry relies on wars for customers


The enemy is not on a foreign shore, but in Washington DC. We have the fight of our lives now to bring down the despot and restore our nation and its honor.

Fight with your vote. Each citizen has one vote.

@WilliamFleming It may come down to something else. Vote, hell yes, but if he refuses to leave which is a growing possibility, then what?

@Our_existence Then that would be a coup and the other branches of government would step in.

I don’t like to think about unlikely lurid stuff like that. People were saying the same thing about Obama.

@WilliamFleming There is a lot of thinking he may try to do this for real.


Amerricans want to support our Vets.
Americans want to support the MIC and Propaganda much, much more.

twill Level 7 Sep 20, 2019

Not all

@bobwjr True that. But more than enough to tip the scales to insane

@bobwjr What I find disturbing, is that unlike your original post here, nobody of influence ( media, politician) really asks the vet what they think. They're just supposed to be silent/ rah rah poster boys.

What little I talk to them, they seem nothing like what is presented by the Mass Media. They are much more human, with invaluable insight, which we are encouraged to ignore.

@twill I imagine that I’d true. I have never experienced it but I imagine war is dehumanising. The Kitchener rhetoric was clever, devious and insulting in its manner “Your country needs you”.

Not so. A country needs its elected representatives to address the diplomatic challenges that lead to declarations of war.

Perhaps a counter campaign telling politicians that their country needs them could be in order. The alternative is warfare on platforms we can barely imagine. WW1 the war to end all wars. And our grandparent’s generation bought it.

Perhaps we can arrest our naïveté now!

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