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To all you who do NOT buy in to the Flat earth thing...but are aware of what an "equinox" is...

Robecology 9 Sep 22

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You... You mean I'm getting ready to......... FALL?

(Autumnal just feel the same here.) 😉

Equal day...equal night....sun over the equator....equinox. Fall (Autumnal Equinox) starts In the north, Spring (Vernal Equinox) starts south of the equator.


Yeah it's a crappy SUV made by Chevrolet other than that yeah twice a year it happens when the night is as long as the day at the halfway point between solstices.


Two equinox each year, two solstice, thirteen full moons the migration of dozens of animals. You would think that there were enough things to build secular festivals around, that we would not need the church for holidays and parties.


Watch where you go because these days it can all be about equal knocks. 🙂

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