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Maybe this is the problem:

bigpawbullets 8 Sep 24

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AOC used to be a waitress, so she knows a lot about the "rest of life"

I suspect you know little else about her, which is likely the case for everyone you "criticize" across the spectrum. Sun Tzu applies here. She is educated from a prestigious institution []. Do you share that honor?
If you're the type who will dismiss higher education as a liberal cesspool, then stay in your echo chamber of ignorance, laziness, and underachievement. Even I can acknowledge and respect the fact Dick Cheney is a self made man compar d to everyone he has served in office with even though I think he is far more sinister than anyone history can throw at the topic based purely on his actions and hypocrisy. My point in that is one shouldn't be rabid or a zealot to the point their views are devoid of reality. Is that you?


A good politician has a team of scientists that he's constantly referring to.

Obama had the best and brightest on as the Energy Czar, as well as many good scientists in NOAA and NASA. He had great scientists working in the FDA and the EPA.

All those scientists have either resigned, or fired, or pushed out under Trump and the GOP. The effects may be unrepairable for decades to come.


"A good politican"...... 🙄


And... The answer is..............

They are too smart to run for office!


I don't want the added scrutiny of my life.


They all work at their use jobs creating useful things and processes and never think of becoming politicians.

That was my guess as well. 😉👍


Exactly I thought they were supposed to represent the general public how is that possible when they are all cut from the same crooked cookie cutter.

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