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The Biden family is incredibly corrupted. Let's impeach Trump!

zesty 7 Sep 26

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How is the Biden family "incredibly corrupted"? Fox News said so?

Hunter Biden, a dopehead, gets kicked out of the Navy, receives a few millions from the Chineese and Ukrainian for his expertise in oit industry, etc. President Trump dares to question this and starts to get new problems. Amazing!

@zesty So he's guilty by assumption? And renowned liar Trump is your defense? You're a nut.

@PaddyMac Of course they are guilty. It is not an efficient way of discussion to call an opponent a nut. To do so is primitive and childish.


Sounds good to me. In fact after the House finishes with Impeachment, let's roll out the guillotine as finish the job. Lol


Impeach them both.


The Biden family most likely has some corruption in it. ANY political machine going for that long does. But Trump has turned it into a way of life for himself and his family. He needs to go down.

You should also include a link to support your claim when making an accusation. If you don't, you end up looking like the typical Floridian Trump maggot.

No, without a link an opinion is still worthwhile. I like what Trump does. Why do I need a link?


Zesty, tsk tsk tsk. Your too bright to fall for this con man's game.

@t1nick Sure he is a con man. But Trump is a great guy comparing to the opposition.


Not if you any form of values he isnt. Trump has no socially redeeming values whatsoever. He is a gangster( and piss.poor one at that). He is no better than those clergy that you so despise.

I would be willing bet that he took advantage of Epstein and his under age victims much more than he let on. I wouldn't be surprised, given Ivanka's character attributes if she wasn't a victim of Donald's advancements when she was younger.


The parable of the blind men and an elephant originated in the ancient Indian subcontinent, from where it has been widely diffused. However the meaning of the popular proverb differs in other countries. It is a story of a group of blind men, who have never come across an elephant before and who learn and conceptualize what the elephant is like by touching it. Each blind man feels a different part of the elephant's body, but only one part, such as the side or the tusk. They then describe the elephant based on their limited experience and their descriptions of the elephant are different from each other. In some versions, they come to suspect that the other person is dishonest and they come to blows. The moral of the parable is that humans have a tendency to claim absolute truth based on their limited, subjective experience as they ignore other people's limited, subjective experiences which may be equally true...Wikipedia


This is an extreme far left liberal platform. Truths do not work here. You are right only when you agree with them. When you don't hate Trump, you are a Trump troll. Hillary did not lose in 2016. Trump stole the election. Illegal immigrantion is not a problem. Trump is doing human rights abuse. How could you investigate Biden? Trump is corrupt. Clinton fucked a young intern in the Oval Office and lied on oath but it was totally a far right wing conspiracy. Dont impeach Clinton but impeach Trump. Only we are educated and believe in science, others dont.

I expected balanced thinking which does not exist here and the extremes here are not any different than the extreme on the far right.

Yes. This behavior gets boring.


It's a paradox to me when Democrats demand 45 to stop the hate, and at the same time impeachment proceedings and everything else they have thrown at him is fueled by nothing but pure hatred force.

Two different types of hate here... Trump hates groups of people, aka non white minorities... More than half the country hates trump, a single person... There's no paradox...

@Cutiebeauty I know a lot of my fellow Americans see it that way. I only see hate and sure it's a paradox, cannot expect to eliminate hate by adding even more hate into the mix.

@IamNobody where do you get the idea that hate can't stop hate? The country's hatred of trump has brought us to the impeachment process... The removal of trump... Once he's gone, much of the hate will dissipate...

@Cutiebeauty I respectfully disagree. Removing a duly elected President with such dirty tactics is dangerous to Democracy. We do not want to open that door. If the people really wants him out of office then the procedure in place is coming up at next year elections.

@IamNobody I agree, dirty tactics aren't the way to go, that's why impeachment is the only option here... Trumps phone call to the Ukrainian president, requesting an investigation into his leading political rival is a very dirty tactic and that door shouldn't be opened ever... Why the phone call now? Why didn't trump investigate Biden years ago? Why during presidential campaigns? Very fishy... And voting trump out isn't the only option...

I agree with you. Our leaders are what we are. We hate and fight and often squabble. All Republican actors who were asking for Clinton's blood in his impeachment are now calling the Trump bombshells a nothing burger. All democrats who were defending Clinton's rotten behavior and lying under oath are now asking for Trump's blood. Just like we do here. "Either you are with me or you are against me." There is no middle ground.

There are far left extremists her and there are far right extremists here, their groups may be different. They don't have the balls and civility to debate, so they either block you, run away or call you a Trump or Pelosi troll. Their intelligence does not work beyond that.

What happens in the process? The larger picture is neglected. Just like in Washington, we do not attend to the infrastructure bill for over 10 years, do not attend to civil rights, serious illegal immigration issue, and so many other issues that can improve the lives of their voters.... what these assholes were sent there in the first place.

Let thee impeachment fiasco happen. It will be disastrous for the Democrats. It will be just handing over the 2020 elections on a silver platter to Trump. We could better because we deserve better. But our extreme hatred and narrow mindedness would not allow that.

@Cutiebeauty Well my friend, we could do this all day but don't want to push you to have me blocked over this. All I know is that there is video footage of Biden not only admitting using his power as Vice President to extort the Ukranian goverment to fire a prosecutor investigating his son and he was bragging about it. He did the deed back then and now Trump is being accused of what Biden did based on bogus allegations again? I know we are not going to agree, I understand.

@IamNobody haha I don't block or ban people over disagreements... I'm open to discussions... You should know me better than that. 😊 if you have the link to that video, I'd like to see it...

@Cutiebeauty The video is sure enough buried deep in YouTube now, it's not easy to find and likely will be removed soon, let me know if you can see it. Thx

@IamNobody yes, I can see the video...but I didn't hear Joe Biden mention his son though... And Biden was on assignment for Obama... It seems like he's withholding the funds until Ukraine removes a corrupt prosecutor... That's what I gather from this short video... It appears like a snapshot of a longer conversation... You know, taken out of context and then the speculation...

@Cutiebeauty I don't think it's out of context since that prosecutor was investigating his son. Let alone language. Somehow for him is ok to refer to a foreighn officer as son of a bitch. Anyhow, good discussion. Probably we both see what we want to see.

@IamNobody Ok, until next time...

@IamNobody From what I understand about Biden wanting the Ukranian prosecutor fired, it was done in unison with other countries and under Obama's watch. So if that's the case, then yes this video is taken out of context.

@twill Again, we see what we want to see..... actually, you know what? Why don't we do this thought experiment. Please watch it again and replace Biden by Trump, listen to the same words coming out of Trump and then tell me still looks ok to you.

@IamNobody except....I did not watch it. You did not understand the context of my comment.

@twill You didn't even watch it? You sound like Pelosi now, making claims before even reading the transcript !! 😂😂😂 .....

She also voted for ACA without reading it. So I watched it with sub titles. Not much to it, Sleepy Joe Biden bragging . There must be more to the story somewhere..........When it comes to Republican evidence, well I'm still waiting for Hillary to be locked up. Then there was the weapons of mass destruction non evidence and the whole Iraq Invasion Thing-y......

@twill OK, you win 😴😴😴

@IamNobody ?


This level of Wilful Ignorance is what put this Orange Communist Turd in Office .

GEGR Level 7 Sep 27, 2019

If you only believed that...but i'll take you up on your offer, provide ANY proof as to what you claim about Biden...ANY...when you can't, and you can't, I expect you'll remove the silly post but you did put it in the silly category--just for the wrong reason. Since I know you'll struggle with the word, P R O O F means actual facts, like some investigation came up with evidence or someone testified under oath to it...not just fox or your president or your party's supposition or desire.

lerlo Level 8 Sep 27, 2019

Liberal around the world more scandalous,it's giving armand helping to right wing agenda propaganda.hillary lost to corruption, helped trump to Winn the election..


i don't have any idea what this is supposed to mean

Wrong guy to impeach.

@zesty oh please........

@zesty wrong guy to impeach? You do realize impeachment is directed at presidents, right? He's the right guy.. Or should we impeach Biden before he becomes president haha

@Cutiebeauty Not a bad idea!

@zesty actually, it is a bad idea... it's an impossiblility because Biden isn't the President....

@Cutiebeauty Democrats routinely do the impossible. Lol

@zesty and republicans routinely support a morally corrupt, racist, and mysogonistic male...

@Cutiebeauty As opposed to the democrats who support ?

@zesty it hasn't been decided yet who the democrats support...

@Cutiebeauty Not yet. For sure thwy will choose a scumbag.

@zesty that's very close minded to think that anyone they choose is a scumbag as you put it... I didn't really believe people like you actually existed...

@zesty why do you continue to make these impossibly insane statements.are you some kind of spoiled kid that wants attention so will say or do anything to get it? please grow up,learn the facts and stop sounding.........dumB

@Cutiebeauty Hmm, we exist. This is my opinion of all the demcrat candidates. Incredible zoo.

@lookinhard Sorry if I express my opinion. Not everybody is a brainwashed liberal. Some people, like me, actually think.

@zesty ...uh.....saying Biden should be impeached? When he isnt even the pres? yeah,you are a true thinker

@zesty one last thing...please put up a list of all the good things your boy has done,compared to all the lies,racism,country bashing,mysogyny,.....i shall be waiting with my breath held

@lookinhard you know, when you say she's a free thinker, she's gonna believe you...

@cutiebeauty holy crap..... Did i say that?....... Maybe if i tell her she should stop posting political comments... Do ya think she would believe that???? Oh please say yes !!!!!

@lookinhard I don't have time to put up lists. Somebody actually has to work. It is an alien concept for liberals but remains true.

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