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Well, I think I've just ended another friendship over 45.

Oh well.

KKGator 9 Oct 1

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I have friends and family who have opposing views to me on Brexit and Scottish independence. i just avoid discussing those things if at all possible.

Doesn't always work that way.

@KKGator I am aware of that but I sometimes find myself keeping quiet or changing the subject to avoid an argument


I just did, too, and it has nothing to do with 45.


Hard to find!

Too easy too lose!!!

Too many base their friendships on value, the value often is not our form of value, we often do not realize it until it is beyond our forgiveness!!!


Anyone who defends TrumpOLINI is confessing mental illness and I do not give free therapy to sick friends


I'm sorry you and your friend parted ways. Good people saying nothing at this point will probably end a bunch of friendships around the country. I'm hoping one of my friends stays around. She's a republican, sees the problems but still brings up those fucking e-mails and just can not get beyond it.
With all that is now coming out staying quiet is not an option. Hoping she changes her mind and realizes trump is not worth losing a friend over.


Maybe after 8 years of Trump you will see the World is still here and running better than ever, and then you can apologize to your friend 🙂

gater Level 7 Oct 1, 2019

The world might still be here, but our nation won't be.
45 is a blight on this country and anyone supporting him is no different
than someone who believes in gods.
I have NOTHING to apologize for.
I told the truth. The truth is more important.


We live in a time of divisiveness. It is hard to understand why people we care about don't see DT as the fraud and con artist he is. You are not alone in your experience...we can always hope those folks have an 'ah hah' moment some day, right?

I'm not holding my breath.


I've lost a bunch of friends over #45. They all deserted me - not the other way around.

I responded to lies I couldn't ignore.
Probably shouldn't have. I've scrolled on by before, but I just couldn't
this time.

@KKGator me too. I try not to be vicious but sometimes I'm very direct.

@BitFlipper I've been told that I'm blunt to the point of pain.
It's something that I've been working on for years, but hey, life is short, get to the point.


It does happen in these troubled times. Sorry.



I am sorry. Always stinks to end a friendship.

Wasn't what I really wanted, but I couldn't take the deluded lies anymore.


I'm trying to be sad for you, but I'm sadder for her.

1of5 Level 8 Oct 1, 2019

Thanks. I appreciate it more than I can say.

@KKGator NP. Want a sappy "it'll all work out for the best" type motivational poster? If so, kittens, katz, or puppies?

@1of5 No thanks, you're good. You know I don't do "sappy" anyway.


If it saves your sanity, it is likely for the best, for you. We have to do what we have to do to maintain our sanity.

@maturin1919 There are many times many days that I wish I was totally unaware of what is going on in the world. I had a chat with a coworker the other day, she had NO IDEA that global warming is a real thing. She is such a sweet lady I hated to break the bad news. I don't know if I envy her or not, will my awareness make any difference? For the grands I have to think we can make a positive difference.

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