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Water into wine

Melbates 7 Mar 21

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I can do the same sort of party trick as Jebus; I can turn wine back into water.


I was looking up powdered alcohol, it is not as new as the modern sellers would have you believe. It could explain some things.

Powdered alcohol? That is a thing... to the internets!

@Donna_I It is, I quit drinking several years ago. I have heard of it on the news. The main concern is with people snorting it, I can only imagine that this would be painful.

@azzow2 I looked up a video of people making a home made version. It looked horrible!


Indeed. LOL


He would be a blast at a party 🙂

cava Level 7 Mar 21, 2018

The Romans had a tax on the production of alcoholic beverages. I wonder if Jesus paid the tax???? Failure to pay the tax would make him a bootlegging criminal.....a sinner.

Yeah, he didn't render unto Caesar, what was Caesars'. What a creep🙂

The penalty for bootlegging was crucifixion. 😉

@Paul628 In the Jesus story I prefer the spelling....CRUCIFICTION

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