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Uh oh
I have had 666 visitors.

EdEarl 8 Oct 21

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When I worked retail, I wanted to Choke folks who became awkward and leery of totals or change having $6.66 in them. Really, I am like the closest thing you've seen that is a witch according to your faith, and you are getting worked up over change. Please, tell me when you can do something amazing with Pi or Pie. I am happy with either.

SAMae Level 5 Nov 3, 2019

LOL Did you get similar responses for 13 c change?

@EdEarl No one ever really freaked on the number 13, but if there were triple 7s involved, they were over the moon happy, talking about how they should go buy a lottery ticket.


You could be looking at the promised land or that other place...but, bring out your rabbit foot for the best luck!

I should get a rabbit, and have four.

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