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Justice Department is conducting a criminal investigation of the Mueller Russia probe-WTF!!!! AG Barr takes marching orders from Fuhrer-in-Chief Trump!!!!!!!

sassygirl3869 9 Oct 24

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Maybe once the Dems get thru with the trump impeachment probe they can go after the rest of the cabal.
That said, I saw the latest and hopefully the last investigation into hillary's e-mail found NOTHING.
What is it with the gop?
Mueller was not appointed by a Dem.
The house rules governing how the hearings proceed were not changed in 2015 by Dems.
Taylor, the diplomat to the Ukraine was not asked to fill that position by a Dem and that happened after the previous diplomat was forced out by trump.
Every damn thing the gop are complaining about was done by them! They did this to themselves! I have seen some push back by the MSM to point out these things. Hopefully the Sunday shows will continue to make the hard points to counter the lies and spin by the gop.
Today barr is wasting tax payer dollars because trump wants this investigation, there is nothing to investigate, it is part of the gop circus and the Dems need to push back hard.


Yup. Saw this on Rachel Maddow. Un-fucking-believable that our government is being corrupted like this.

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