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Do you have a favorite movie you can re-watch countless times and never get bored of it? Mine is "The Breakfast Club." I also own a Breakfast Club t-shirt! 😊😍

vjohnson51 7 Nov 10

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Inglorious Basterds. I just watched it again a few days ago.


the princess bride


The Princess Bride never gets old.


"The big lebowski "for sure !


The Gods Must Be Crazy and Harold and Maude

I love The Gods Must Be Crazy!!!❀️❀️❀️

@sandrarocks83 We have the same birthday. Perhaps there is something to astrology-NAH!

@Lorajay hello my Scorpio sister!! Lol


The Big Lebowski


I don't why but the first "Independence day" with will smith.


Jurassic Park and Alien


My favourite movie In The Heat Of The Night I can watch again regularly...but there are others too. Body Heat, Pretty Woman, Working Girl, Trading Places, Wars Of The name but a few.

Pretty Woman yes!!! Every woman’s dream! 🀣🀣🀣


Aliens, all of the Star Wars movies, actually a lot of movies. Lol. My youngest and I have more night a lot and watch new movies or rewatch movies we seen hundreds of times.


My latest obsession -- Captain Fantastic


The Princess Bride
Things to do in Denver When You're Dead
Army of Darkness
any of the Thin Man movies

Btbd Level 7 Nov 10, 2019

My favorite movie of all time and the one I can watch constantly are different. I can watch The Hunt For Red October anytime over and over. It is one of my favorites.

Stenz Level 6 Nov 10, 2019

Good will hunting will never get old for me


I have a top 100 list, but I will spare you that bit of obsessive nerdiness and give you my top ten. From 10 to 1, Pinnochio, The Best Years of Our Lives, To Kill A Mockingbird, Edward Scissorhands, E.T, Ghostbusters, Spirited Away, Cool Hand Luke, Schindlers List and Vertigo.

Yeah. we gots a spreadsheet page with hundreds of movies and series we have mostly enjoyed. We have a simple rating system, 1-3, which reflects how often we may want to view again.

Recently the grand kid has revealed he his old enough o watch the Harry Potter movies, with accompaniment. So, we are watching as well. The movies are darker, and darker, with some topics a bit too old for him. But as with most things kid's are not ready for they just gloss over them.
And after we review with him what happened and how he feels about what happened. Good times.

Example: "Pricilla, Queen of the Desert" is not child's fare. And is about a 5 year repeater. And it is time again.

@Jacar I am definitely hoping either my nephew or my niece has an interest in film. I have already made my sister promise they won't watch films like Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, Neverending Story or Yellow Submarine for the first time without me.


So many little time. I'm a movie-aholic!

War of the Worlds
27 Dresses
The Hunt for Red October
The Devil Wears Prada
Shawshank Redemption
Braveheart - Freedom!!!
Marley & Me - when I need a good cry
Julie & Julia
Gone Girl
A Quiet Place
Edge of Tomorrow
Cold Mountain

I could go on.....

Gone Girl is just too hard to watch again.


Star Trek: First Contact
History of the World part 1
Back to the Future
Dead Poets Society


Mine is 'Blazing Saddles'. Most of that humor would NEVER pass today. But how can you not laugh when the sheriff is near? Now let me whip this


Several, but if I have to say one it would be Scent of a Woman with Al Pacino.


The Godfather, Parts 1 & 2
The Philadelphia Story
Stage Door
All the Astaire/Rogers movies
Most Fred Astaire movies
Key Largo
Empire Records
Dazed and Confused
Captain Blood
Robin Hood (with Errol Flynn)
Now, Voyager
Steel Magnolias
The Women
A Night At The Opera
Auntie Mame

There are others, this is just the short list.


Mine is Back to the Future.


I rarely rewatch movies but there are a few that I find myself going back to:
Dead Poet's Society
Prodigy (2018)
The Matrix
The Shawshank Redemption


. . . too voluminous to enumerate πŸ™‚


High Noon
The Crying Game
El Ultimo Cuple (the music)

The Crying Game is a great movie!

@itsmedammit I didn't think anyone would be familiar with The Crying Game. It;'s been around for some time -- and where I saaw it was not a first-run theater. I lke movies that deliver a message and aren't simply entertainment (as did High Noon). .

@TheDoubter Me too, I appreciate quality in a movie as well.

@itsmedammit i wish there were more of them (quality films).

@itsmedammit what other films have you liked?

@TheDoubter I have trouble with recall on demand. The only one that comes to mind id American Splendor.

@itsmedammit i fumble on immediate answers, too. I liked The Bridge on the River Kwai and one -- i forget the name -- about an alcoholic female singer who relaapsed after apparently getting straight.


Waking Ned Devine

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