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Alabama...hopeless? Or are there good people there? Jimmy Buffett was born there. The guy who popped the Trump baby balloon lives there. Can they change? Are we wasting our time?


Robecology 9 Nov 12

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Never seen it, and from all I’ve heard.. won’t go out of my way to… The (so-called) South embarasses our nation, my nation. It’s a real-time example of the necessity of education. As is, they’ll remain easy pickins for those looking to cultivate and harvest ignorance. Their morals have always been in doubt, now as much as ever. They’re what my parents taught me is White Trash, with no excuse ~

Varn Level 8 Nov 12, 2019

So sad and pathetic for someone to think that POPPING A BALLOON is going to save #MeinFuhrerTrump. Sad.


Bill Fleming lives there I think so that’s a plus!


Hopeless ? I haven't forgotten -- Jeff Sessions !

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