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The RNC funded roughly 11,000 automated calls jam House Democrats' phone lines amid impeachment. WTF!!!!! Can they be fined? Is this legal?

sassygirl3869 9 Nov 21

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Apparently they also spent $100,000 on copies of Trumpty jnr.s book "Triggered" to get it to appear at the top of the New York Times best-seller list this month

makes me want to hurl!


What was the purpose of these phone calls?

Block the DNC lines during Impeachment Hearings!


Why do we need to worry about Russian tricks when we have some from our own government. It just shows the dept of corruption the republican party has stooped.


Are Rethugs stupid ? Robo dialers call me all the time using fake caller ID....USUALLY FROM a disconnected number but sometimes from a real person active phone....when I redial the real owner confirms many other people like me were called from their real were these 11 thousand calls traced back to RNC ??


Seems all kinds of crap is legal to do these days. Especially crap that repubs engage in.......

Daily Kos is trying to trick me into calling CongressBOY STEVE KING here in Iowa....I am against both redBLUES and blueREDS...they are both zionist polluter oil war crime profiteering banksters....I want peace through Green jobs House Intelligence Committee is risking World War 3 giving weapons to Ukraine like Soviets gave missiles to Cuba...evil versus evil and covering up BILLARY and Biden crime families taking bribes for oil

The British conservative party have been doing similar things setting up fake "fact check" websites to smear their opponents during debates and doctoring video of Labour politicians to make them appear dumb struck or foolish.

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