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A Song in our Brain
My daughter Lis came to visit yesterday. It was her birthday! We were talking about this and that, when she said: "Mom, I now wake up sighing,"
Well, I do that as well and often share the song with grouops here. Obviously, this is a family trait. I told her to be happy about that. Better to wake up with a song than with a headache.
Now I wonder: how many of you wake up that way? And do you sleep alone?
I am guessing that there is a correlation.

Spinliesel 8 Nov 24

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I wake less often with music in my head, but last week I work up one morning to Norwegian Wood. I am single, I do sleep alone. But I remember this happening when I was married as well. Well, usually I'd wake up alone, he was already up and usually out of the house.

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