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Pictionary Fun: Okay, the last one was too easy. How about this one?

(I will do these based on songs, books or movies and will give hints along the way as needed).

Hint one: it depicts lyrics in a song.

UPDATE: lots of good guesses, most songs I have never heard.

Hint two: I really do love the 90's

UPDATE: at least one person definitely guessed correctly. And, another thinks she knows for sure, but I have not seen her answer.

Private messages are okay if you think you have it, but don't want to spoil the fun for others.

When I do these I will depict lyrics, a passage, or a scene rather than the title itself. As I found out with "The Tale of Two Cities" that makes it too easy πŸ™‚.

If someone does guess correctly, I will let them know.

Joanne 7 Nov 27

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Is it an obscure song?

I don't know. It wasn't to me. I heard it quite a bit back in the day.


Are we allowed to google? If so I think I know but it seems like cheating. Never heard of the song.

If you do-- I will never know. Unless you tell me, that is πŸ™‚

@Joanne Don't want to spoil yours or anyone else's fun. I just had never heard of the song (heard of the group).


????? πŸ€”


Bulletproof by Ludacris


War- what is it good for?
Absolutely nothing!


When the Tigers Broke Free by Pink Floyd.

1of5 Level 8 Nov 27, 2019

Pumped Up Kicks

djs64 Level 7 Nov 27, 2019

Bruce Cockburn
β€œIf I had a rocket launcher - I would retaliate”


War Pigs by Black Sabbath


The War song


The Men Behind the Wire


Can we know which it is, a movie, book or song?

I was about to add that. It is based on a song.


"Gun Violence and Mental Illness" by Liza H. Gold, MD.


Trump's "Nightmare before Christmas"?

Not it, but I like it!

It has all the elements. His rant against the NFL, Syria and his stand on gun control.


The Drunk Tank?

Nope. But, that I can see where you got that.


Inglorious Basterds....

Nope. But, nice try.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas?


Saving Private Ryan

Nope. It's been awhile since I saw that movie. I need to watch it again πŸ™‚.


I shot the sheriff... ?

Nope. That would be one shot Sheriff.

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