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How would you personally define an 'intense person'?

vjohnson51 7 Nov 27

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they live in a collapsible linen house held up by poles?


Anyone not me 😉


Depends on the type of intensity and whether I saw it manifesting positively or negatively. Most all types of intensity could be either I think. The types I can think of immediately:

  • outwardly they’re focused, driven, competitive, or the negative end where they’re roided out berserk jocks who can’t take a no and are probably intense because they’re sore losers.

  • internal intensity means they’re pensive/introspective, probably depressed and thinking of heavy subjects all the time. To the negative end they might be melodramatic, anxious/manic/high strung, or overeager/codependent.


Not much fun! 🙀

Oh, not true at all...I direct my intensity into making others laugh!


Reactive, very proactive as well


Intense is in the eye of the beerholder 😛

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