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I see a lot of hate for what people describe as FREEMASONS.
What is the story with that? So many FB people use them to rant about who controls the country.
My dad was a Mason, didn't seem to harm anyone. I tried Rainbow girls thinking it was some kind of secret society and we would do fun stuff but not exactly and I quit. I can't figure out the hatred so many people have for them. Why do people think they are so powerful, or radical that they control us like puppets or something?

K9Kohle789 7 Nov 28

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It’s conspiratorial rhetoric, fueled by the clandestine nature of their level entry rituals.

I am sure there are all manner of shenanigans that go on at the upper levels, as with all clubs where money and authority is involved but the first three are just people trying to make a difference in their community.


Wasn't Mozart a Freemason?

There is some talk that he was involved with a fraternity who may have had a hand in dispatching him, but who knows, maybe some mafia deal, but not my area really.


IN and around the 17th century the myth of the ancient order of Freemasons began to appear all over Europe and the Americasin the three forms
Scottish Rite Freemasons
York Rite Freemasons
Reformed Scottish Rite Freemasons.

All claimed decent from the guild of Freemasons that built the First temple of Solomon and their three leaders the Brothers Jubal.

York rite has 5 levels of membership, Scottish rite has three official levels and an a fourth grade for the "special" members.
Reformed Scottish Rite has 33 level, and claims an even more illustrious history claiming decent from not only the masons but from the Knights Templar.

None of them are any such thing of course but from the 17th century establishment of the first Lodges and Temples, Mason's have had ways of recognising each other by secret signs and symbols an by their oaths of fidelity are obliged to help one another in business, commerce, law and politics.

This lead in the 1800's to the catholic church outlawing catholics from becoming masons as they too expected their male members to do the same thing for each other thus being a mason was a conflict of interests worthy of excommunication.
I other religions however, Freemasonry became integral, especially in Mormonism, where the Temple rituals of the Freemasons were stolen wholesale for the Temple ordinances of the LDS Priesthood. The Mormon church also provided an escape root for fleeing catholics via what they called the Perpetual emigration fund, allowing catholic Freemasons to flee to America.

In Europe, especially London Freemasonary became so rife in the Judiciary and the police that in 1920 the whole of (old) Scotland Yard was arrested for corruption and running a vice and pornography ring.
Though there is still Masonary entwined with the law in Britain, it has never been made illegal for police or judges to be members.

From these instances and a number of others the myth that the Freemasons rule the world sprang up and has formed the basis for many thrillers in fiction throughout the last 150 years.
They have been blamed for everything from the raise of fascism to being responsible for Jack the ripper, from being responsible for the American two party system and the civil war in the USA to building secret bases under the Vatican so the original illuminate could spy on the pope.

In truth it is pretty much a boys club (Girl's too since the founding of the Lodge of the eastern star and The Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons) for doing favours, getting drunk and holding big dinners two or three times a years.

@Bierbasstard Yes there was a big bust up a few years back and Scottish rite split again between one lot who like all the secrecy and another who wanted to be more open and less exclusive, I'm not really up on that scandal, but yes I do understand the new lot recruit actively.
Most of my research was done a few years back when I was working on a novel, that I abandoned when "The Lost symbol" by Dan brown came out.

I would like to see a study done on Masons that the guilds of the Medieval era. I would almost wager that there are connections and that the Masons grew out of the guilds.

@Gwendolyn2018 They like to pretend that they did, but it was mostly 15th and 16th century posh boys stealing the trappings and oaths of the of the actual free guild of stonemasons formed in the 14th century after the black death wiped out over two thirds of the population of Europe allowing skilled craftsmen to sell labour to the highest bidders and pass on their secrets to chosen apprentices instead of being bound to a feudal Lord

@LenHazell53 Sounds about right to me!


One of my grandfathers was a Mason, and he was the exact opposite of a controlling elitist. He was a small farmer and lifelong Baptist.

I too don’t understand those attacks on Masons. I like the idea of men having groups for social interaction.

They probably also made business connections. I still think the rabid hatred of freemasons is kind of "out there". Like how exactly do these people think the masons run the country? I know some of the presidents were Masons but running the country secretly? Don't see it.

@K9Kohle789 Any social group offers chances for making business connections, and I don’t see that as necessarily a bad thing. My grandfather wasn’t in a business except for farming.

Some people love the excitement of a fear-arousing conspiracy theory.

Their actions were more than "social"--they were intended to promote a feeling of superiority and elitism. If your father was Baptist, the rites of the Masons violate tenets of Xtianity.

@Gwendolyn2018 This true but it is one of the tenets of Freemasonry that you must at least profess a belief in Christianity in order to join a lodge or Temple.
If you do this, and they don't mind if you lie, once you have progressed through the first three levels (apprentice, fellow, and master mason) you will be allowed the first "Mystery" which is the True name of Gawd knowing which allows membership in to the special part of Freemasonry for the elites known as the Royal Arch (in York rite and Holy arch in Scottish rite).
The name is Jahbulon, (Pronounced Yabaalon) if you are interested made up of Ia (Canaanite god of water and wisdom,) Baal (Hebrew word for Lord) an On (A holy city in ancient Egypt) so roughly translating as the Lord God of the Nile.

@LenHazell53 Interesting! I have read Xtians trying to reconcile their religion with Masonry, but I don't buy into it. Masonry has the trappings of a religious sect, and it uses threats and vows to keep the members from not sharing its "secrets."

@Gwendolyn2018 more unbelievable he was Jewish.

@K9Kohle789 In certain eras, Jews would not have been allowed to join. Kinda ironic since the Masons claim that Abiff, a Jew, started the Masonic cult.

@Gwendolyn2018 knowing my dad if he wasn't able to join due to religion he sure the hell would.

@K9Kohle789 Good for him!


The Masons are another white man's club. I am not sure if blacks are allowed to join white orders; I Googled "do Freemasons allow blacks to join," but the results were not clear.

While they have auxiliary clubs for females, but it is my understanding that they cannot join the "fraternal" order.

The Masons used to be quite elitist and only the rich and/or nobles could join. My dad used to talk about the Masons and how elite they were. However, I have known some Masons and they were anything but rich, noble, or elite, so I assume that the standards have been lowered. Membership was a way to get ahead.

I do not hate the Masons, but they are silly and as delusional as religious people--and they do claim to be religious though they mix religious metaphors. They claim that their club was started by Hiram Abiff who was supposedly the architect of the Solomon's temple. I have read--and heard from Masons--other claims where the society reaches all the way back to Babylon and the building of the ziggurats. I am not sure if they make similar claims about the pyramids, but I would not doubt it. It is all nonsense.

At least several of the founding fathers were all Masons. The pyramid and the "seeing eye" on the dollar bill is apparently a Masonic symbol.

If they and the Illuminati rule the world, they are doing a piss poor job.

I have never had any run-ins with Masons, but I was once threatened by a member of the Illuminati. The discussion of this incident begins about four-six minutes into the video:

Somewhere in there you made me laugh. Thanks for that!

One of my former boyfriends became a Mason...."elitist"????? ROFLMAO!

@K9Kohle789 One of my mission is to make people laugh. 🙂

@ToolGuy Hey, we will finally be able to meet in the Ninth Level!

@AnneWimsey In Cali, a guy who worked with my ex was a functional illiterate but a member. One of my peers in grad school's husband was a member; he had an MA, but had no personality and couldn't hold a job in academia; he wound up working in a factory. The standards of the Masons came down quite a lot the 20th century.

@ToolGuy I recall Ben Elton talking about his dissertation on Dante's ninth level of hell and how there one one soul resides, Judas, frozen in a lake of ice up to his nose, with his eyes forever open to the enormity of his crime, trapped for all eternity as the lowest of the low.
However Mr Elton speculated, there is in fact a tenth level, lower still than the arch traitor and on that level resides only a single paparazzi photographer forever trying to get a picture up Judas's robes of his bum for the sunday tabloids.

@LenHazell53 They didn't teach us that in grad school! Personally, I think the tenth level is a NASCAR race track where the most damnable have to drive or watch cars go around and around in circles for eternity.

@Gwendolyn2018 Circle Nine is not so good to be at. It’s where the traitors live. Circle Six is the best where the heretics and sceptics reside. You’ll get all manner of interesting people to chat with for eternity.

I’m not sure, but I think it might be Circle Six where you have to have your head on back to front, but not too bad a price to pay when you can hangout with Galileo, Thomas More and probably Albert!

@Geoffrey51 Circle Six it is! See ya there.

I am surprised the conversation went that far. Enjoyed your talk, made me laugh.

@dalefvictor I find it amusing that he blocked me.

@Gwendolyn2018 He is an idiot. I will just leave it at that.

@dalefvictor No argument from me.

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