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I reviewed the pilot episode of "Nancy Drew Mysteries." Not a bad series but I learned that young people know more than the rest of us, some are almost psychic, and that everything works out in the end. Religious young people will love this.

I was once religious and also once thought that I was psychic. I'm serious and not kidding. Much of our lives are so repetitious that we do not understand heightened awareness so well and we get confused. Let me explain. Let's take being psychic.

Friday I went to another town looking for resale shops. This is a passion for me and I had my list. I went to 2 shops and found a working phone and a great leather belt all at a good price. I also got lost. If I was truly psychic I would not have gotten lost and I also would have found the other 4 things that were on my list. That did not happen. If I was truly psychic there would have only of been 2 things on my list. I would have known in advance that the other 4 things were not there.

The believer will claim that something like this was a great experience for them. Without god they are lost and even though all the items on their list were not found, they might be available (god willing) in the future.

As silly as it sounds this is the exact reality we all deal with daily.

DenoPenno 9 Nov 28

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It's important to analyze the prior states in which incorrect thinking was being practised, and describe the thought patterns and mistskes that were missed.

Thank you for doing this. It's really important.

We really need a dedicated forum where everyone has a chance to explain how they escaped illogical thoughts, it should be great help to prevent lots of people from falling into such traps.


I know I am psychic but god has nothing to do with it what so ever.

Maybe you are a Sci chic. With that moniker you can like sci-fi or science. 🙂


1965 ... I went to the library in my little town and checked out all the Nancy Drew books. The librarian raised her eyebrows when I walked out the books piled up to my chin. I would hole up in my bedroom all weekend and read Nancy Drew. At that time it was difficult to find books that showed girls and women doing courageous things. I will always have good memories of Nancy Drew.

SKH78 Level 8 Nov 29, 2019

Sometimes getting lost is the best thing to do.
I remember going back to Malta for my birthday. I was born there but we left when I was a baby. My ex and I had drunk too much the night before and she was recovering in the hotel bed. So I caught the bus into Valetta on my own. I wandered up and down the narrow streets until I stopped by a small cafe. This was not a tourist trap but a local "greasy spoon".
I ordered an iced coffee but the lady must have heard "nice coffee". What I got was the local brew of Nescafe and evaporated milk served in a 1/2 pint glass. Being English I did not complain. Instead, I sat quietly in the corner and people watched. As customers came in and talked they nodded to me and me back. The coffee had me marked down as non-tourist so they just chatted amongst themselves. Maltese is even more of a mongrel language than English. It is composed of part Italian, Arabic and English with a few of their own words thrown in. So with a little bit of concentration, I could make out a fair bit of the lingo. It was one of the highlights of the trip just sitting there absorbing the culture. So much so that I had another glass of the god awful coffee.
PS. I look forward to the Nancy Drew episode when she finds out that the president did it!

I have kept my "insane" GPS in my RV for a really, really long time now because I have had the greatest fun, best food, best views when it sent me Gawdknowswhere, treasured even more because I know I can never find that place again!
Sadly I had to replace it just this week, 99% of the restaurants & most of the campsites it listed were defunct.........

@AnneWimsey We used to make a camping trip to the same place on the Welsh coast every year. One time I decided to take a more scenic route. Instead of skirting around the Snowdonian mountains, I chose the highest way I could. At one point it required turning off the main road (such as that was) and heading up a little single track road that was not even signposted. I had to ask a walker if I was going in the right direction. He was quite irate that I was using it and asked if my sat-nav had sent me here? I had to tell him no and that I had picked this route on purpose. Adding that he got to enjoy this countryside every day. Whereas I was usually stuck in city traffic all year.
The views were something else. Okay, Snowdonia is not the Rockies but they can still be quite breathtaking.

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