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An unarmed man was shot by San Antonio police as he stood with hands up, no shirt, not moving. About 25 seconds after the fatal shooting, two additional police vehicles arrived on the scene. This cellphone video is graphic.

EdEarl 8 Mar 27

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This is heartbreaking to me! But, it is common place now a days! Officers, don't even take a moment to assess the situation, before they shoot to KILL! I believe they are trained to do this, because they are also told, you are in the right, so the law is always in your favor! People should not choose a profession that they are deathly afraid in...all the time!! That is insane and cost innocent people to die, for no reason, other than an officer wants to kill, over his own fear! this part of society cares little about the person killed or the anguish brought to that person's family and friends OR even 'society at large!' Because, I can say without grieves me, everytime I hear that a person has been shot dead by accident or on purpose and especially by police officers! It seems like people are being hunted like 'mad dogs!' There is no humanity in that...when did we start (from barbarian times), again to treat people as out of control and in a raging animal, because they exhibit normal anxiety of their own, when cornered like an animal? It simply does not add up! What can we expect when a part of our social order is promoted to wipe out another part of our social order...simple because they are not trained for any other recourse...and they could be!



And, people want police officers stationed inside schools, for protection 😟

Another one of those insane notions, to promote guns, as the only rational protection against their fellow man! It is deffiently, limited thinking in a modern society!

@Freedompath You are very kind.

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