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Today's Fun Facts

~ Children of identical twins are legally first cousins. Biologically they are half-siblings.

~ The Bizarre Tomato Trial (yes, like the Salem Witch Trials)

~ In the 1950’s, the Canadian government developed the ‘fruit machine’ to identify gay men and remove them from their jobs in the civil service, military, and police.

SeaGreenEyez 9 Dec 25

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The guy in FL should put up political signs for Atheists and people the 2 neighbors don't like ....make them pay him for the land full price plus interest to stop posting temporary signs


Be seeing ya'll on Judge Judy.......


Suckers born every minute!😂


I love tomatoes, I eat them daily.... thanks Colonel Johnson!!


Wow ... that children of identical twin are half-siblings!

It boggles my mind how at times many Americans so stubbornly refuse to believe that some of what people in other countries know and do is actually superior to many Americans' ways of understanding or doing.

Weird fruit machine hoax. And the meanest "great-deal" scam fraud.


I was somewhat aware of the history of the tomato, but I did not know that Colonel Johnson was the man who made it possible for us to enjoy some of my favorite foods.

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