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I am an athetit!! ThIs came from conservatIve Christians for trump, and the level of IntellIgence just blew me rIght out of the water! The text wIth the pIctures says:

athetIts are so Ignerent!! They don't not belIef In god and when you proof It to them by askIng sImple questIons lIke If he Isnt not real than who Is Jesuses dad?? They just sIt theIr wIth a dumb look on there face! If you now a athetIts you should ask them to prey wIth you and get them to go to your church becuase you wIll be safeIng there soles!!!!!!! Say a preyer for the athetIts
1 lIke=1 preyer 1 share=10 preyers

HippieChick58 9 Mar 27

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Sometimes the misspellings and bad grammar doesn't mean they're stupid 'muricans. They could be Russian trolls sowing division and dissent.


Oh my..... I have no words...... The 'creator' of that votes - which is the scary part.....

Ohub Level 7 Mar 27, 2018

That site actually seems genuine. lmao


They has the dumb.

LOL!! You hit the nail on the head, precise , concise, and perfect!

@HippieChick58 I stole it from a meme. It's on my profile. 😀

@Paul628 You have some cool stuff. I apparently am not very observant, I hadn't noticed all the pictures.

@HippieChick58 I see a pic I like I save it. I have a 1TB hard drive so why not. lol


Lawrdy, lawrdy! Lol


Who is jesuses?

Ooooh...xian conservatives for spanky...nm


heck with his dad who is gods mother

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