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What do think and feel when you watch Sagan’s, “Pale Blue Dot”?

twaseverthus 5 Mar 28

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I feel like a dark blue square


Small, but not insignificant. Even the minutest being can create the largest waves, even in the vast sea of the universe.

Gohan Level 7 Mar 28, 2018

"A pale blue dot" his a great documentary.most stream have ie. Netflix it,s worth watching


I feel very, very small


I love Sagans Pale Blue Dot! Carl was not only a brilliant mind but he was a great human being. He raised the alarm about protecting our planet from destruction from our activity. He believed in be a good steward to the only home we have ever known.


I just think: Yes.
I feel satisfied.


Is that a movie?

Google Carl Sagan Pale Blue Dot. It is a must see.

@twaseverthus I have YouTube on my PS4. I might watch it this week. I have been looking for good things to watch. Thanks for the suggestion.

You are so welcome!


I feel a human. I love to see how in touch Carl Sagan was with nature. He could see how small we are, the love, the evils, the suffering and the joy of humans.


In the universe we are quite insignificant. We have a beautiful planet and we are not taking good care of it.


It always has a calming influence on me. Like when I lie on my back and look up at the stars on a dark night. It makes all my problems and worries seem so small. I love the feeling.


I feel my significance in being a part of it.


Perfectly nhilistic. we will never achieve anything that is of significance in this universe, so, f#@k it!

It might be worth trying.


Possibly the single greatest paragraph ever written. Nobody has ever summed up the whole of human existence more eloquently or concisely before or since.

You said it.



Insignificance takes the edge off all those save the galaxy expectations.


I think of how vast the universe is, yet how connected everything is by a few elements.


I feel a sense of unity with the cosmos and humankind. Then I realize how tribal and hateful humankind is, and I think “at least I have the cosmos.”

Marz Level 7 Mar 28, 2018

Inspired. Hopeful. Optimistic.


It really humbles me. It amazes me that I am here and breathing, that is enough. Our importance is irrelevant in the vastness of the cosmic soup. So we should not take the here and now for granted. Right?

Awe. I never take the world or the universe for granted.

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