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For those who think "live and let live", is the way to go.
For those who'd rather "go along to get along".
For those who don't believe in "making waves".

Yeahhhhh. NO.
This is me (and not just on Facebook).
All. The. Time.

If you didn't know this, you have NOT been paying attention.

KKGator 9 Jan 14

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I have a regular mob of haters who complain about everything I say on Facebook - with good reason. I jerk their right-wing, gun worshipping, anti-choice, trump-loving chains every day.

Lonsbury clones

WHAM 1180 cult radio except for Bob Matthews sports and UFO Art Bell midnights

@Larry68Feminist lonsberry and WHAM are both located here.


What is "offend"? I have said for 50-ish years: Look around, see how much space there is where I am Not, go there!


I understand. Once I grew up, I decided that I was tired of trying to do or be what others expected of me. I have always pushed on things that were important to me, but understood that "you can't fight city hall head-on." In the Army I was promoted 3 times in one year, and at the same time wound up on the CO's "eight-ball list: (that 10 percent that causes 90 percent of the trouble).

As a high school teacher, I led a movement that got my principal fired. When I was in grad school and a member of an all-male educational leadership fraternity, I nominated a female student to become the first female member member. I was also one of a small group of top graduate students who pushed for change and even forced instructors to change the focus of their courses to provide us what we thought we needed.

When I established the first multi-district educational staff development center in Kansas, my boss wanted the center program to move in one direction. I did not agree and thought that it was to be fully productive and fully supported by the participating school superintendents it needed to move in an entirely different direction. My boss proposed that the center be disbanded and that I be laid off. I went out and met with each superintendent and asked each what he would like to see the center do and proposed some ideas. In a meeting of the superintendents, my boss proposed that the center be closed. The superintendents voted 11 to 1 to continue the center and give me a raise. We went on to receive both state and national recognition for several programs designed and implemented.

A section chief in the Kansas Department of Education told me that I would have to discontinue a highly successful program I had started and was operating and replace it with a program she had proposed. l said to myself, "Like hell I will!" I mounted a statewide wave of opposition that was so successful that the State Superintendent of Education called me to a meeting with him in which he asked what could be done to resolve the matter.I told him' he agreed and directed that the changes be made. Ad, there were more instances.

I am in awe, Walt.
So very well done, sir.
VERY well done.


Bull in a china shop, yes, GUILTY as charged. I may have lost some friends, and that's just fine. I get to be me, I gotta be me, and I don't deal well with BS for very long.


Hope your bull is in the church dish room ...go get 'em Peach


Live and let live is perhaps the most misguided and possibly evil sentiment ever put to paper.
In politics it is call "appeasement" and has been shown by historical precedent to never work and to achieve nothing other than to give would be dictators time to build up armies, plot invasions and ultimately kill those advocating for the policy of "live and let live"

"go along to get along" is to be an accessory during and after the fact and
"Don't make waves" come from a medieval Christian parable of a bishop who had a vision of Hell where all the damned souls were buried up to their collective necks in a lake of liquid excrement forever doomed to stay absolutely still, lest they "make waves" and force everyone else to swallow the sloshing dung.

You are exactly correct.
Thank you.


Yeah it's a problem

I never asked if it was a problem.
I honestly don't care if it's a problem.



My philosophy is "always speak your mind and apologize only when necessary." For instance, I have said on Facebook things that (unbeknownst to me at the time) were transphobic.A friend of a friend called me out, but they did it peacefully because they sensed it was a joke. I listened, I learned and I apologized (and no, I don't remember what the joke was.) Another time, shortly after Charlottesville, I made a remark about those "very fine people" and a Trumper friend of a friend got offended. No apology necessary there.


Got to agree with misty, that's what we love about you


And thats what we love about you.. 🙂


Yeah, no.. I agree.. To a certain extent... 😜😋


So which one would you choose (don't need to answer). BTW, my late partner did not understand why so many people were afraid of speaking their mind. She did all the time but did it in a way no one ever got upset. For some of us (like myself) it becomes more about the messenger than the message.

The situations and attendant circumstances dictate the approach.
I'm capable of both, and not afraid of either.

I don't claim to be perfect, and I sometimes enjoy being confrontational.

I'm sure your late partner was a lovely person.

@KKGator Thank you, she was and this is what allowed her to get away with all that she did. Sometimes packaging has a lot to offer. She has helped me learn ways of (sometimes) being confrontational in a non-confrontational way.


Karma’s a bitch...

skado Level 9 Jan 14, 2020

And so am I.

Besides, I don't believe in Karma. That's just more woo.

How about ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’? Not woo. Science.

@skado Okay, fine. I'm perfectly willing to accept the consequences of my actions.

Feel better now?

Not especially. When corporate capitalists say ‘I built it’ (and therefore I deserve the profits) they’re ignoring the fact that they externalize a lot of their rightful costs to the public and to the environment. If they took responsibility for environmental impact, and services they use at public expense, their business models would collapse. They are legalized thieves. The psychic trash we refuse to take responsibility for is paid for by other humans. It doesn’t get wiped off the slate by Jesus (or Anti-Jesus).

@skado Way to extrapolate!


@skado I think you are conflating things (I hope you are at least, and not intentionally misleading). The colloquial "every action has an equal and opposite reaction" specifically refers to the observation in nature that if one mass exerts force (MxA) on another mass, the second mass will exert the same force back on the first mass. So if you weigh 200 lbs and are standing on the surface of the earth, you are pushing on the earth with 200 lbs force directed towards it's center of mass. The earth is also pushing back at you with 200 lbs of force towards your center of mass. If either mass was exerting more force than the other, there would be movement. (Yes, it is important to note this as force, based in acceleration, is a vector, not just a magnitude).


Some of us DO know this. I say good for you!


Oh come on, the last thing you produce is bullshit.

Plus, real tv world science.

1of5 Level 8 Jan 14, 2020
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