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Let's share knowledge. That's the only reason we're here, anyway.

Parasight 4 Mar 28

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You can use 4 hads in a sentence and still make perfect sense. The medicine she had had had had no effect.

My encyclopedia of useless knowledge knows no bounds. 🙂


Knowing what a fronted adverbial is, is no use to anyone.


Well, I know you're going to be popular with the straight ladies around here. Have fun.

Hahaaa. The more friends, the better...that goes for my gay friends too. *clicks tounge


In some circumstances, the sum of all natural numbers is negative one-twelve.

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + infinity... = -1/12

You should see how many times 12 and its multiples appears most beliefs, even "time". Hell, the the great pyramid has it all up in its geometric structure.

@Parasight oh wow, you're right: 12 days of x-mas, 12 apostles, the TV show 24, the movie 48 hours, 12 months, hens lay 12 eggs at a time 😉

@SamKerry also: 1x12=12---1+2=3
“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.” --Nikola Tesla


All I have to offer is vaguely interesting factoids.

Such as, non-photo blue pencils were developed for lithography and therefore are scarcely relevant any more.

If I knew things about stuff having to do with that, I may have appreciated it more...Then again, I believe every possibility is happening before, simultaneously, and after we "experience" thanks. I sure one of "me" is stoked.


If you ever decide to rob a bank, don't buy a ski mask. Instead buy a new pair of womans panties to wear as a mask. It won't help you to rob the bank, but it will make an intresting story on the news.

New?...phhhhhttt. I'm going used, if you're gonna make a story interesting, go as weird as you can. Plus, said owner of such undergarments can corroborate you story.


Ok...I seriously need to grasp the bones and structure of this layout. Had to read all the way down before I realized these comments were for me. But to answer most of your questions, I'm here for it all. Physics, philosophy, renewable energy, nature of a creation force, fractals, demention(s) of unity or a unified field, rather than simple "polarity". Pretty much all and anything.


From one of my favorite comedy albums of all time, I THINK WE'RE ALL BOZOS ON THIS BUS: "If you push something hard enough, it will fall over." Not always useful, but practical.


I thought we were here to find lovers


Ice cream has no bones.

I've seen a bone marrow ice cream that would beg to differ. Lol.

@Parasight I love bone marrow...magybe not as a dessert......but the ice cream had actual bone pieces? I had a dog break a tooth on a marrow bone, cost $$$

@AnneWimsey They serve the ice cream in a chilled I suppose it's not necessarily "bones".....But one big marrow bone.


So much here. People do meet people here BTW.

Show off !!!

Yeah, if I could ever meet someone compatible, that'd be great. I'm sure lots of people have luck with it though. 🙂


I could say "yeah", but the skepticism goes hard, this day in age.


Two heads are better than one even if there sheeps heads

I don't like grammaring within the box either.


@LeighShelton I was trying to be a grammar nazi wearing a clown suit. ("There"/"They're" ). It was a play on "thinking" outside of the "box". It's a joke my bassist and I tell each other. Lol....Either way. I'm totally down with sheep heads.

very clever but I'm afraid I'm dyslexic so just didn't get it, sorry though very clever I think.


One man's knowledge is another man's ignorance.

Unless it's fact.
Then it's simply folly to believe elsewise.


What kind of knowledge were you looking for?

All of it. Either terrestrial, galactical, universal....Anything beyond that would be cool too.

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