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I'm so tired of seeing all this stand-up-for-Jesus and conservatism on FB! I reacted to my sister's religious post with a hint of skepticism and she and two of my brothers were quick to defend their faith and God. Sigh I need new friends...

Biblebeltskeptic 6 Jan 26

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They are so insecure. Because they know they can’t prove a dam thing. When the argument gets tough they always refer to a better arguer, be it book, elder or preacher. Just keep fighting the good fight.

Thanks, I feel like deleting all my friends or FB or something. Most of my friends are deeply religious and right wing conservatives, and that comprises over half of my News Feed.


There are two things that I value most highly in other people: compassion, and the ability to think.

I have no time for people who willfully engage in making logical fallacies.


I don't have many god obsessed contacts there. But I pause on many for health reasons. Some political "statements" and my eyes start rolling. Too many I get dizzy, fall down...unhealthy...

Are you from Seattle, WA? I grew up in Washington state.

@Biblebeltskeptic hour ferry from downtown...omGosh! you're in SC now ':/

@seattlepanda I wish I could go back back and see how it's changed since I left 12 years ago. :/

@Biblebeltskeptic ..12 years?...changed a LOT...


That is the very reason I am not on Fakebook.


Occasionally we discover we do indeed need new friends, and that is okay. There is a difference in friends and acquaintances. Your real friends will generally view the world pretty close to the way you view the world. Even though l have limited experience in the Southeast, I still think it would be difficult to find like minded people when it comes to religion.


If you are going to react to those entrenched in their views that is the response you will get. Same on this site..

Expect it if you are going into buy into it.

Will do.


The indoctrinated will defend their doctrine at all costs, dismissing reason and logic if it contradicts the doctrine. This is an artificially imposed retardation of the mind.
All religious souls are retarded in their thinking to various degrees. No point arguing with the retarded.
But there is hope. The retarding agent, religious doctrine, may be removed through debriefing. Exactly the same as leaving a cult.


Its great that this place exists then 🙂


feel sorry for them. they live their lives under a delusion.


Some people have a deep rooted need to believe.
I don't argue with them.It is there life choice
and only get drawn into arguments if they try to convert me.
The only ones I really enjoy strong debate with are the jehovah witnesses especial when they start losing it.
Always look on the bright side of life my friend


You got some here.

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