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Does it ever cross your mind that the Soviets, our own government, or stealth christian fundamentalist are members of our group and taking notes? I'm wondering, though not worried. I expect a 4 year lifespan from my shit experience with not only cancer, but from the treatment. Chemo and Rads are like a rape that curse you with a psycho child that you can never rid yourself of. I have little left to loose, and no fear of dying. I wonder what happened to " Blood, Sweat and Tears". Loved that song on dying. " If it's peace you find in dying, then let the time be near."

ForTheBirds 6 Jan 29

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If not now, then soon. The day is coming. Once fanatics are in power, they ratchet up the pressure. Non creative f'tards that they are

twill Level 7 Jan 30, 2020

I say good luck to them. There are soooo many medium forums out there it would take a virtual army to monitor even a fraction of them. And what good would it do. If so it would tip their hand and even members of their tribe would worry about big brother watching them which, from this site, many of us do.


My best guess is that (like other nonbelieving forums) there are far more lurkers who are questioning their faith than those you mentioned. As a seasoned blogger, I've received a lot of emails over the last 10 years from lurkers who were questioning.

I'm sorry about your health situation.


Can’t imagine who would care enough!


Being a member and taking notes are so inefficient, and being a believer doesn't happen to be against site rules. Pretty sure even a mid level hacker could get into the database and copy whatever they want from it (hell, a bot could fly through here once a day and copy all the new posts into it's system, since they all happen to be public).

Active membership is so small I doubt they'd bother, though.

1of5 Level 8 Jan 29, 2020

I do wonder if this board is used for political research but its hard to imagine its nefarious beyond targetied messaging for ads aimed at white liberal athiests


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