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Hey guys! My grandson just found his father dead (I don't have any details yet). I'm taking off in a little bit to drive to Texas for him and my daughter. We need some positive vibes, please!

I'm so grateful to have this community of folks! Love you guys!

BeeHappy 9 Feb 1

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I did not see this until today, guess I need to look more closely at posts. I hope your journey was safe. I feel bad for you and your family. My condolences.

Thank you!


Will you, your daughter and grandson be able to psychologically, financially and emotionally cope ?
If not what help are you really needing?.

Good question. I'm providing the moral support for my daughter and grandson. I'm driving 1200 miles in a day and a half. That's where I need help or positive vibes to get me there safe.

@BeeHappy Don't drive for more than 2 hours without a break. Where possible use roads giving good scenery. If you start to feel tired have one of the power drinks - ive found they give me an immediate boost that lasts for 8-12 hours. Don't eat big until you have finished your journey. Drink lots of water, milk, tea or coffee. Eat bananas and other fruit rather than pies, doughnuts and hotdogs.

@FrayedBear thank you!


Drive safely.


I wish strength and peace for you and yours.



May you have the strength you need!

Thank you!


Condolences to all your family. Drive safely.

Thank you.


I'm so sorry for your and your family's loss. Stay safe.

Thank you!



Thanks Bob!

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