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New job, new stuff!

AzVixen52 7 Feb 18

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Are you enjoying the new job? Those first weeks are always fun.

It's been a challenge...but I am enjoying it! Thanks for asking.😉


Learning new things is what keeps you young! It also keeps you from becoming a religious conservative douche bag! 😁

I've NEVER been a conservative religious douche bag, so......


What kind of job is it?

Airline job!

@AzVixen52 Cool! I fly small planes.

@Omnedon Small planes scare me, but kudos to you!!

@AzVixen52 I understand. Some people don't like planes at all; some like airliners because they can't see much of what's going on and they'd rather not know; some like small planes because they can see what's going on and they find that comforting.


It happens!

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