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Different kinds of love you can still have in your life if you don't have or lost a romantic partner. 🙂

demifeministgal 8 Feb 29

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BFF, Nature, Family, Self love and others are important. But i would also like to have a romantic relationship. They all are important to me. But i do acknowledge is different from person to person. 🙂


Yep, all the ones I would have mentioned are included here: nature love, fuzzy love, book love, self care and friend love .. though there should be more choices than BFF and online friends.


Hey ~ very nice . The professionals agree readily;
some of those listed are sighted as a key to longevity.
Loving a community could be a motivator. Caring about
and defending a principal gives purpose of a sort.


Those are all nice but none of them make up for complete lack of physical attention.

If by that you mean sex, well FWBs and the hookup culture do exist where one gets physical contact. If you meant in general any touch, well one can hug or hold hands with friends or family members.

@demifeministgal FWBs and hookups are impossible goals for me. I can't even get a "like" on Tinder. And I don't have the kinds of friends or family members you're talking about.

I've been experimenting with expressing myself physically more often lately. The results are that people seem to think hugging is a sign of mental illness.

@BitFlipper well we already talked about options fro physical intimacy outside of dating that exist for men. just requires a bit of money is all 😉


All good until you find the one

IF one finds the one. Some people are content being alone for their entire or the rest of their lives. And that is okay too. 🙂

@demifeministgal of course your right.

,,,fuzzy love- you do have pets ,I think ?

@demifeministgal this works for ARTISTS too - some have mediocre OR bad relationships because thier dedication
is to thier ART. The degree of balance is up to each of us,
our honesty paves the way.

@BBJong no pets but I'll get one in the future

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