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Has anyone visited the Hearst Mansion?
Compared to the Sagrada Familia basilica, it a a bland, subdued building!
And these photos are only a part of the exterior. Every side is distinctive, utterly "over the top" and jaw droppingly ornate.
Tomorrow we have booked a guided tour of the interior.
Construction started on March 19th, 1892. It is still being built, 130 years later. Hence the cranes.

Petter 9 Mar 3

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Please do post all the photos you like when you get your tour of the interior, along with anything else by Gaudi you see while in Barcelona. Definitely on my bucket list, though every one warns me it is like a giant Disneyland amusement. I have friends who were so inspired they came home and built a Gaudi-esque courtyard at the end of their driveway.

Here's one.

@Petter What a vision that guy had. Screw gods, but no one can tell me Guadi did not have a happy and productive relationship with his muse.



Over fifty years ago!


San Simeon vs. Sagrada Familla: Apples and Pears. I have been watching the Sagrada Familla being built since the seventies. Many Catalans are very upset about the state of the current project. Gaudi didn't leave plans and the additions are based on imagined projections. They are also made with pre-stressed concrete unlike the original which was stone on stone. The whole project is very controversial. The statuary on the new transept's towers is incongruous with the old towers. Having said that, I am ambivalent as to whether it should have been finished. On one hand his dream has been stolen, and on the other, one can't help but want to see the finished product. It will be the tallest "Gothic" (really Spanish Modernist} cathedral in the world. If you want to see Gaudi at his best, visit the Pedrera.

Projected completion date, 2026 - "god willing"????


Liverpool Cathedral (Anglican) took nearly as long to build 1904 - 1978 and got finished up early without its planned spire. Designed by Giles Gilbert Scott, the same guy who did the iconic British red telephone box. It exhausted the Woolton quarry of sandstone (after which "the Quarrymen" ne Beatles were called). I have met guys that served their apprenticeships and retirement on that job.
One regret is I never went to see "Murder in the cathedral" about Thomas Becket played there. Impressive building

Nice anecdote. I've never been to Liverpool but have seen a number of the great cathedrals of England. I just finished reading "The last Thread" by Tracy Chevalier, one of my favorite authors, set in Salsbury and Winchester between WW 1 and WW 2. It is a simple book, but beautiful, about a woman (as they all are) who is captivated by the finely embroidered kneelers and cushions, and a bell ringer in Winchester Cathedral.Only she can write such a moving and enthralling book (wrought with symbolism) about a subject to seemingly mundane.

@fishline79 It is a very photogenic city. I got talking to a lady on the bus (these things happen here), she works security for Netflix. Talked about all the things being filmed here Sherlock Holmes, Peaky Blinders, War of the Worlds, Fast and Furious and many more.


@273kelvin I live in Menorca in the summer and many of the tourists are Liverpudlians, and even more from Manchester. Since I've been entertaining there for nearly 40 years, I have many, mostly northeners there. My webmaster is from Shropshire and several of my best friends are Brummies, now living in Stratford. Lots of great cathedrals in all these spots!


It inspired this song, not only the building, but the artists/architects experiences on "Tragic Week"

"An event that had a profound impact on Gaudí's personality was Tragic Week in 1909. Gaudí remained in his house in Güell Park during this turbulent period. The anticlerical atmosphere and attacks on churches and convents caused Gaudí to worry for the safety of the Sagrada Família, but the building escaped damage."

"By Tuesday, workers had occupied much of central Barcelona, halting troop trains and overturning trams. By Thursday, there was street fighting, with a general eruption of riots, strikes, and the burnings of convents. Many of the rioters were antimilitarist, anticolonial and anticlerical. The rioters considered the Roman Catholic Church a part of the corrupt middle and upper class whose sons did not have to go to war, and much public opinion had been turned against the Church by anarchist elements within the city. Thus, not only were convents burned, but sepulchers were profaned and graves were emptied. Of 112 buildings set fire to during the disturbances, 80 were church-owned or associated."



Yes. Gaudi is a good album. It also has a Paseo de Gracia instrumental. I have a Gaudi playlist on my music player. 😎


I love Barcelona. Park Guell, amazing place.


On our one visit to Barcelona years ago, I fell in love with it. The different districts (Barrios if I use the term correctly) each have an individual flavor that adds up to a wonderful experience. I still miss the Paseo de Gracia area. I envy you your trip. 😍 Enjoy yourself.


I instantly recognized this as the work of architect, Antoni Gaudi -- a mad genius whose work is distinctive for his gothic designs on acid look. Do a Google image search and you'll be floored by the buildings he created. They're awesomely insane.

I know. Barcelona is laden with them. I shall start my exploration proper tomorrow.


Oh, have you been to the park? Guell? I loved it there 😊

Tomorrow. Today was just a recce of the area, following a 9 hour drive and an early morning start.

@Petter enjoy, I hope you have a lovely day there. If it’s fine they have vendors, it’s where I brought my fan 🙂

@girlwithsmiles I don't need to buy fans. They flock to me of their own accord. 🤣🤣
Tomorrow morning we plan to take a guided tour bus around the city, then spend the afternoon in the Sagrada Familia.
On Thursday we intend to visit the maritime museum, and a few cultural places.
On Friday we drive the 480 miles back to Mojacar, in time to watch the weekend's rugby matches.


Sagrada Familia is a very fascinating example of architecture. I've been there, and loved every bit of it, inside and out. Of course, I had to ignore the religious nonsense, but as a work of architecture, it is a wonderful place. 🙂


And when will it ever be finished? Supposedly in 2026. It was begun 135 years ago!

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