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Bernie said he would not throw up his hands but continue on....

"Last night obviously was not a good night for our campaign from a delegate point of view," Sanders said, noting his losses in the Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi and Idaho primaries.

But dumbo, is it not all about the delegate count? 🙂 How else can you win the nomination?

This guy has inflated ideas about his ability to become president.

St-Sinner 9 Mar 11

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I love it when so called liberal americans attack the most liberal contender for the leadership because he isn't party sanctioned. There's a reason your country is screwed, you all bought into the American Dream which George Carlin so wisely pointed out, can only be believed in if you are asleep.
Bernie would be considered right of center by every other Western democracy except perhaps for the UK and what a shit show that is atm.
The Dems might have won with Bernie but the people with the money behind both parties don't want that so the Dems will once again field a big money candidate that will miss the mark by just enough to keep that asshat Trump in the White House. That's the plan, keep moving the Koch Bros. agenda forward until there is nothing left but a few rich oligarchs and a bunch of poor idiots who wondered how it all happened.

Right on! But I think Biden will beat Trump. I hope it's not just wishful thinking. 😉

Once again, the Dems will lose the youth vote and that will be all the difference. 😟


If, in the end, he does not have the delegates, he will continue to educate the party and the nation about the real issues and the logjam impeding our progress. Sanders will negotiate and influence the DNC.
When there are no more delegates to win, the job is not yet over.

He should have done that 25 years ago. With his ridiculous presidential runs, he has polarized Trump's opposition. So did he help? No.

Thanks to Bernie, no negotiations will help the DNC becuase Bernie has helped sink the ship he wanted to get on. With his help, Trump will win.

@St-Sinner "He should have done that 25 years ago." He has been absolutely consistent for the last forty years!

Trump's opposition has always been polarized.

Don't bother with St. Sinner, he's a well known russian troll who can't see beyond Putin's dick. His "hatred" towards Bernie is unexplainable and ridiculous.

No hatred. Just facts.

@St-Sinner your facts are lies and assumptions.

I gave the exact quote from Bernie with the source above. What else will you accept as a fact? "Bernie will be President."?

@St-Sinner nothing coming from you sobfuck off already. Bernie will not be the candidate so Biden will kick trumps ass. Your preocupation with smearing Bernie didn't do jack shit. People voted for Biden and he won fair and square. Nothing you can say about bernie will make me prefer him as a human being tgan you as an asshole full of hatred.

I am only making voters aware of how hypocrite Bernie is. It is a public service, my civic duty.

@St-Sinner bullshit! Tell it to someones who gives a crap of anything you may say cuz I do not. Fuck off now.


And here we go.


Nothing ventured .. nothing gained.


Yur makin me laugh.. Stop it, though it admittedly feels good. Actually, it’s relief 🙂 What’s also wonderful, to me, was the unity amid Democrats - real, actual, registered Democrats - those having the sense and decency to allow the candidate with the best chance of winning to move ahead…

Now … will Bernie pull a Nader, or not? Last run he did a semi-Nader, dogging Hillary to the end.. Suppose he could do a Full Nader - run as an outside spoiler candidate… Let’s hope he shows some true dignity & patriotism, ‘suspends his campaign’ and allows the party to focus on true evil. Let ol’ Biden slow down ..and get Presidential.

But what? - Really -- another fuckin ‘debate’ … an opportunity to trip up Biden as Sander’s spews the same unpurchased, untested, unrealistic bunk he’s pushed for ..what.. five years..? I’d like to like ‘Bernie,’ have agreed with the vast majority of his desires & proposals ... but unlike the guy himself, care more about the nation - all nations -- the planet ..than my ego…

Varn Level 8 Mar 11, 2020
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