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Greek Orthodox church says 'holy cup cannot carry disease', allows congregations to share spoon: [] The ignorance of these numbskulls is a real and present danger to members of the public.

anglophone 8 Mar 13

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The stupid, it burns.... the goggles do nothing



On a similar post I mentioned that there could be a good side to this. Being that ultra zealous they may not interact with the general public as much. Other than that I'd file it under very careless. (Stupid)


Silly fools! That only applies to the Eucharist in the Roman Church.


If it's true, I'd like me one them Holy Cups, please. Make Starbuck great again!


I hope they get sued up the wazoo if anyone does contract the virus from the cup or just attending church.


Some areas of the country, yours mine do not have major outbreaks. They feel immune, where I live, which granted has a west border with King County and is only just 100 miles from the epicenter in Washington State, the minute there was a report of one (1) person with a presumptive positive for COVID-19 every store shelf was empty of hand wipes, sanitizer and alcohol. The population in my whole county is 45,000.
Ellensburg is the largest city and I visited 5 stores between Thurs. and Fri. empty shelves, I did not even look for bleach as I have some, 1/2 gallon. There are now at least 3 and perhaps 4 last I checked Kittitas County web site.
So, unless they begin getting ill they seem to think it can not hit them. Hey maybe it won't if they don't go ANYwhere away from their group. 😟


That's truly insane!



bobwjr Level 10 Mar 14, 2020

A Christian sect in S Korea is largely responsible for the bloom there.

Welcome to the dangerous stupidity of the God Mob.


I ll tell him “ u first “.


These fools must have never had a Science lesson!? 😷

I find lessons do not stick well to fools, don't you?


I cannot understand why Catholic churches are apparently still practicing communion during this pandemic..Oh well, maybe it's nostalgia for the good old medieval days of the Catholic Church. As Monty Python said, "Bring out your dead", anyone?


From the link:

A spokesperson for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, Steven Scoutas, said anyone showing signs of illness should stay away from church gatherings.

"But once we decide to go to church, we believe there is absolutely no possibility of contracting disease from the holy cup," he said.

"We believe that no disease or illness can exist in holy communion, which we believe is the body and blood of Christ," Reverend Scoutas said.

They apparently know there isn't immunity or they wouldn't ask people to stay away.
But their hubris is to be so much stronger that they'll subject their people to a disease risk rather than back down from their show -- truly disgusting.

That such people think they can pontificate on medical matters when they patently have neither medical qualifications nor medical knowledge strikes me as obscene.

I wonder how this applies to the times of the plague?

@dalefvictor It's God's judgement delivered to you by his minions, the priesthood.

@anglophone Is this the god that is supposed to be loving and caring for me? A soul eater, I just watched "The Outsider". and did not think of it as being true or relating to us in reality.

@dalefvictor Ah yes, the genocidal maniac of a god with catastrophic anger management issues. I undeerstand it to be that particular god.

IF they saw it as a show, they would react.
They do not, you do, I do, but they don't see theatre, they BELIEVE in the magic show . . .

"Far away across the field
The tolling of the iron bell
Calls the faithful to their knees
To hear the softly spoken magic spells"

That's kind of the problem isn't it?


Perhaps this is the Rapture. God has come for his followers, may he take them all. It is called "Culling the herd".

Oh great, can we break out the rapture hatches, i invested in them so want to sell them at

@HerbertNewsam What is a rapture hatch?

Funny huh?

@HerbertNewsam Wow!!!!! I had a relative that lived next to Yellowstone Park who cut a hole in the top of his barn to let the heat out during the summer. I have no idea what he did in the winter as it snows a lot in that area. I have seen tall trees covered, leading one to see a flat field of snow where te trees are.

Nah the Rapture has already happened. That was 15 October 2012 at about 7:30 pm GMT. The numbskulls waiting for it are as fucked as the rest of us! 😱👍


Natural Selection at work here, hooray.


Killing off parishioners. Nice job, idiots.


So one way of getting rid of stupid religious people.


The church "leaders" should be locked up for public endangerment.
Fuck those assholes.

They are truly doing gods work. I would have said dog but I did not want people to get confused.

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