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I am not a conspiracy type person, never have been. But. This whole cornavirus thing has grown into mass hysteria very quickly. I am an RN, so i am not an idiot about viruses and disease. The flu kills more people every year. I do know we will have a massive, deadly influenza pandemic at some point, the last one was 1918 with Millions dead. Idk, it kinda feels like a test to see how everyone responds and how to tweek the plan. Maybe im just a skeptic, the financial fallout is going to be bad. I do feel the constant media barrage is fueling the hysteria. Its like people just buy into the fear, like blind sheep being led to the slaughter. I can't buy any funcking toilet paper.......

Carla1963 6 Mar 14

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War on virus, war on drugs, war for oil, war on communism, it's an Election year.


Okay, here goes:

The mortality rate went from just over 2% (two and a half weeks ago) to about 7%. Let's just say it stays at 7%. If 1/3 of the U.S. population caught it, that is over 7 million dead (you can do the rest of the math on that)

The Asymptomatic contagious period is a key. That is what made Small Pox so difficult to contain.

Like you Carla, I am not a conspiracy nut, but it seems like every time there is some tragic national event the wealth of the middle and lower income citizens is being siphoned. Any crisis ('08 housing, 9/11, COVID-19, etc..,) the people with the most pull their money out, the speculators chime in and the lower level investors start bailing, which drives the market further down. The rest of us are the last to respond because we have lives that DON'T orbit around finance. So our portfolio managers may or may not act on our behalf, but in either case the market continues to plummet. Hysteria is the sustaining force until those at the top decide the prices are low enough to buy back in. The speculators speculate in the other direction, and before we know it the prices are higher than when most bailed out.

Trump gave that colossal tax break where the companies were suppose to pass that money on to the workers, but instead, they bought back their own stock, driving up the prices, which is why the market had been sky-rocketing. That money served their purpose, and now, just in time for COVID-19, another windfall for them!

Just a thought(?) LOL


Ten times deadlier than ‘the flu.’ It looks real to me! And, thanks - yet again - China -- Tragically, until all of humanity stops feeding on abused wild animals … this will happen again..

No ‘herd immunity,’ extremely contagious, deadly for the old or weakened, children basically vectors, spread around the world; this is not a test

Varn Level 8 Mar 15, 2020

You can order paper towels and cut them in half?


That is totally illogical. So all of these countries got together to fuck with the people and create financial disaster. We have had pandemics in the past. We will have them in the future. What we didn't have were 24 hour news cycles and social media to fan the flames, especially social media. One of the most dangerous creations ever.


Human ignorance and stupidity will manifest themselves at every available opportunity.


I don’t understand what u saying .
So , the virus is fake ?
The timing it was planned ?
What are u saying exactly ?
My sister is a doctor and works in Milan . She hasn’t slept for weeks more than 2-3 hrs a day . R u telling me that this is fake ?
What type of nursing u do ? I am curious now 😂


Look on ebay and you'll see where all that TP and hand sanitizer is 10 times retail price. These jokers bought it all up to scalp it on ebay.


The herd is easily spooked. Think stampede at the watering hole.



24/7 news media does not cover important things that actually effect what trump and Moscow Mitch are really doing to us!!!

The testing gives the numbers which we can not handle, just look at Italy with more doctors, nurses, and hospitals per thousand than the USA!!!

The House passes the Coronavirus Bill without problem!

The obstructionist republican fascist In the senate under Moscow Mitch will not vote on it until Monday, they have already torn it apart!!!

Be prepare to have yourself and your neighbors royally screw over by these obstructionist fascists!!!


I agree totally. There is something about this picture that doesn’t square.


I know how you feel. Whilst it is a good idea to stay prepared in case of the worst case scenario, some people do take things too far and of course the medias don't do much to help.

It’s great great for the media. No slow news days for a while! 🙄

@Geoffrey51 I hear ya. Most of the times when I watch the news, seems like they have a shortage of interesting/informative stories to report on.


I don't think the events leading up to this outbreak and the reaction to the outbreak could have been coordinated with any competency between world governments, within governments, and with the support of news media. I really can't imagine that anyone is pulling any strings here to test the response.


Sure sounds like a conspiracy theory.


Have you tried fucking toilet paper? You've been buying the wrong brand

lerlo Level 8 Mar 14, 2020

Why don't you ask the people of China,Italy,Iran if they think this is media hysteria ?

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