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In honor of tomorrow, wishing everyone Feliz Dia de los Huevos! 😉

AzVixen52 7 Mar 31

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I missed your post by a few days. It is safer to say blanquillos, ¿No?

Say what you wish! 😉


"Día de los Huevos, feliz". ¡ Que broma. Casi todos los hombres tienen dos huevos. ¿ Quieres que nos donan uno a las chicas ? Estoy de acuerdo.

I'm a Mexi-can't"...I only speak Taco Bell.

@AzVixen52 That's another good phrase for me to nick.
(If you need a translation, here goes🙂
Day of the happy eggs. What a funny expression. Almost all men possess two eggs! Would you like us to donate one to the dolly birds? I'm in agreement.
Typical Spanish male banter, which I love


¿Huevos duros o huevos blandos? LOL

Huevos Rancheros!

@AzVixen52 ¿Los huevos del ranchero? lol

@duchessa ja ja!!


No olviden que también están celebrando la llegada del zombi.



The rabbit that lays plastic eggs with money in them, where do I get that breed?

From China, of course!


Si! Y tú, amiga!


Gracias mi reina.


What do rabbits have in common with hen eggs?? No one ever answered that to me since I was a boy.

Pagan symbols of birth/fertility.

You mean you aren't a boy any longer?

I did not know rabbits and eggs constitute a symbol of fertility, I Learn something good everyday. BTW, I am still very much like a boy. I still love playing my bass guitar and have played since I was a boy.

@KashFigueroa Have a read here. Most Christian traditions are actually pagan customs that have "gone underground" to escape persecution!!


I had eggs in fried matzoh this morning - lol

is that also called matzoh brie?


May all yolks make you smile.

Deb57 Level 8 Mar 31, 2018


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