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Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volker: "In a crisis, the only asset that we have is our credibility."

That is a lesson Trump will never learn, and it is going to cost him dearly in every way.

wordywalt 9 Mar 16

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Actually, I fear that we will pay the cost of the government’s lack of credibility. Trump will profit.

We are the ones paying the cost now. Still, he will eventually pay the piper.


The economic impact of this pandemic is going to be the other shoe that will eventually drop. It is small comfort to survive the virus only to find that you have no roof over your head or food in your belly. Bernie could probably ride this wave to the White House.

I disagree your statmentabout Bernie. I do not believe that people will go from one extreme to the other. Rather, they are more likely to settle for the safe bet.

@wordywalt Only time will tell.

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