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Trump has already committed to bailouts for industries like the airlines, cruiselines, casinos and hotels hit hard by the pandemic and totaling about $1T. So now I'm wondering where's all the shouts of rage and protest against this blatant corporate socialism from the right? Don't they hate this sort of thing? Trump's a hotelier so I expect he's going to receive a portion of this free money giveaway too.

Trump says "We need these industries." but we also need Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, a living minimum wage, and Debt Free College but these initiatives are spat upon with scorn from the right as they cheer on yet another trillion dollar government handout for the rich and powerful.

I've said it before; they're fine with socialism that benefits the wealthy, they just hate when it benefits anyone else.

Sgt_Spanky 8 Mar 20

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Socialism for the wealthy, rugged individualism for everyone else. That is the neoliberal way.


Trump calls paying for politicians, military, National Guard, police, firefighters, paramedics, teachers, CIA, FBI, public libraries, national parks, public school and the teachers, highways/roads/traffic lights, postal service, student loans and grants, bridges, garbage collection, landfills, war, farm subsidies, company bailouts, polio vaccine, social security, EPA, IRS, museums, jail systems, VA health care, public parks, sewer systems, Medicare, court system, bird flu vaccine, GI bill, Hoover Dam, state/city zoos, the Pentagon, Medicaid, food stamps, FDA, 9/11 healthcare, swine flu vaccine, disability insurance (SSI), beaches, state construction, unemployment insurance, city/metro buses, WIC, snow removal, PBS, CDC, welfare, street lights, FEMA, public defenders, S-CHIP (children’s healthcare), Amtrak, NPR, Dept of Homeland Security, OSHA, state/national monuments, government scholarships, Dept of Health and Human Services, census bureau, Dept of Energy, customs and border protection, ICE, Dept of Education, Peace Corps, Secret Service, Dept of Justice, National Weather Service, and Congressional Health Care necessities in life.

We pay for Congressional Health Care when they can afford their own. Why not cover all the citizens, who pay the taxes and support this “socialist” country? Only trump and his Humpers call it socialism when national health care for every citizen is involved. Hypocritical! Typical for over 3 years now.


They are fine when it’s their socialistic idea. I am angry regardless of who has the idea.


The obstructionist republican and Democrats keep bailing out the same corporations owned by wealthy who own the politicians!!!

They are never allowed to fail, yet you and I can not, if we do we have to pay it back!

The vast majority of corporations never paid or pay less the average wage earner in this country!!!


To me all of that is redundant and ineffective.
THE CITIZEN is the issue.
EACH CITIZEN needs help to pull through this.

ALL banking loans should be paused or forgiven, and all citizens need an income, including the ceo's and owners, but subsistence living, 2-3 grand a month tops.
ALL Commerce not related to the C-19 crisis needs to pause, and NEW commerce against the c-19 MUST ensue.

THAT market dynamic will re-arrange many businesses, if we try and bil them out from it we go both against market forces AND the new reality of a c-19 world, in an effort to preserve a past which may not be viable under c-19 at all.

SOME business will thrive in c-19, making masks, food, ect.
OTHER aspects of society, mostly purely Capitalist notions, like rental properties, will suffer. Banks will suffer.

WE need to be aware and cautioned against those in power making money for themselves and their cronies in the crisis while telling the rest of us "fend for yourselves"


HEY! There's another malcontent, Eyes Down! Eyes Down! lol


Yes....they picked on Bernie for being a Socialist but socialism for the rich is acceptable. How disgusting...


If we had an opposition party I would expect not just outrage, but refusal to accept corporate handouts. But despite controlling the House, Democrats (the supposed opposition party) continue to bankroll corporate giveaways, including expanding ICE’s detention centers, while agreeing to token support for workers. And yet Democratic voters rejected the only candidate who actually believes in supporting the people over corporations. It’s infuriating.

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